Bud Light Chelada Fuego brings the flavors of Tapatio to the glass

Bud Light Chelada Fuego, photo provided by Bud Light
Bud Light Chelada Fuego, photo provided by Bud Light /

Can you handle the bold flavor of Bud Light Chelada Fuego?

Building on the hot sauce food trend, Bud Light Chelada Fuego looks to bring a bolder flavor to the classic chelada beverage. With this flavor innovation, Bud Light looks to excite both beer drinkers and spice lovers. Ready to pop open a can?

For many people, a chelada is a refreshing beer. The combination of tomato juice, spices, lime and beer has been a popular Mexican tradition on a hot day. Whether drunk on its own or paired with food, the chelada has quite a following.

Currently, Bud Light offers a chelada version, using Clamato. The combination of the light beer and the nuanced flavor of Clamato was liked by many chelada fans.

With the new Bud Light Chelada Fuego , it takes a new approach by not only increasing the spice level but also adding a taste of the familiar with Tapatio. This brand of hot sauce is unique. While the exact red peppers used in the recipe is unknown, there is only one Tapatio. That flavor has never changed since its launch and it never will.

The Tapatio hot sauce has a bold flavor but it doesn’t scorch your taste buds. With hints of garlic and a touch of vinegar-like flavoring, the hot sauce works on almost anything. That versatility is why so many people love it.

In this new beverage innovation, Bud Light embraces the hot sauce trend in their own way. While the classic chelada has a big flavor, this spicier version sets it apart from other options. If you can handle the heat, it is time to open a can.

According to Desiree Sanchis, Senior Brand Manager, the brand “wanted to spice things up a bit and partner with Tapatio to give consumers the first-ever hot sauce infused Chelada. We are always pushing to innovate and provide consumers what they didn’t know they needed but always wanted!”

While this chelada delivers the bold flavor, it is more than just a hot sauce infused beverage. As Luis Saavedra, Vice President of Tapatio, said, “Our team likes to have fun, and that’s what Bud Light is all about too. We are so excited to have Tapatio highlighted as the kick to the new Bud Light Chelada Fuego.”

Recently, I enjoyed this beer with enchiladas. While there is a spicier flavor to the beverage, it isn’t overwhelming. Even without the cheese from the enchilada, it is a manageable heat. On a hot day, this beer would be quite refreshing.

Also, this new Bud Light Chelada Fuego offering might be a new brunch option. While many people turn to a spicy Bloody Mary to enjoy with those omelets, this chelada could be a new idea. It is a little lighter while still bring the bold flavor that people enjoy.

Bud Light Chelada Fuego is available at stores now. It joins other Bud Light Cheladas options. Check with retailers for availability.

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