OREO gluten free cookies add to the iconic cookie brand’s popularity

New OREO Gluten Free cookies, photo provided by OREO
New OREO Gluten Free cookies, photo provided by OREO /

OREO gluten free cookies will be coming to store shelves and people are celebrating.

In the latest OREO news, OREO gluten free  cookies will be the newest product innovation to join the OREO cookie line. While many people get excited about the special limited-edition flavors, the newest OREO cookie offering is a bigger game changer on the shelf.

Starting in January 2021, there will be two new OREO cookies that make it possible for more people to enjoy that classic sandwich cookie. Both OREO gluten free cookies and Double Stuf OREO gluten free cookies will be added to the line-up. It seems that 2021 is already looking up.

For many people OREO cookies have been a popular cookie choice for many reasons. Beyond the playful side that OREO has always embraced, this cookie has been popular with families who have allergy concerns. Often, a classic OREO is the choice when people try to find a cookie that can be served to a wider group of people.

By adding a gluten free option, OREO has found a way to be one of the most inclusive cookie brands. Now even more people can twist, dunk or eat that classic sandwich cookie.

Looking back at the past year, OREO had a huge impact on the cookie space. Beyond the special flavors and seasonal offerings, the brand understands that the consumers are brand loyal. It is more than just a sweet treat. There is a connection with the brand that keeps people coming back time and again.

While some people might have gone without having their OREO cookie craving satisfied, the new gluten free OREO cookies open a new door. Given the brand’s attention to detail, those cookies will taste just like the ones from childhood.

With this new OREO cookie option, it begs the question what else can be ahead for the brand. Could a vegan OREO be on the horizon?

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What other cookie innovations would you like to see from OREO?