KFC Holiday Buckets bring a sense of nostalgia to the table

KFC Holiday Buckets, photo provided by KFC
KFC Holiday Buckets, photo provided by KFC /

The KFC Holiday Buckets are back with a holiday retro look.

Continuing a holiday tradition, the KFC Holiday Buckets are back. Since the 1960s, KFC has been offering these holiday designed buckets. Whether your holiday gathering is big or small, this KFC tradition satisfies that comfort food craving.

The KFC bucket tradition dates to 1957. Those first buckets contained 14 pieces of chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy. While the concept has evolved over the years, more than 60 million KFC Buckets are sold a year.

The KFC Holiday Buckets for 2020 are recreations of two designs, one from 1966 and another from 1971. Additionally, a new design for 2020 is also available. Building on the tagline, “North America’s Hospitality Dish,” the offering blends a retro nod and a touch of modern flare.

Andrea Zahumensky, KFC U.S. CMO, said “Even though the holidays may look a little different this year, we hope our holiday buckets help everyone hark back to a simpler time and bring some comfort and joy to your homes and your families throughout the season.”

KFC Holiday Buckets 2020
KFC Holiday Buckets, photo provided by KFC /

This holiday season many people are looking for the merry but have been overwhelmed by cooking fatigue and the distress of everyday life. Whether it is a simple weeknight dinner, a Sunday family celebration or just a replacement for that Thanksgiving turkey, these KFC buckets make life just a little better.

As the holiday season approaches, more people are looking what matters in their lives. Instead of the over the top gatherings, those quieter moments with family are highlighting the sentiment behind the holiday season.

For many people, KFC has been part of their family traditions. While the holiday designs are entertaining for the season, people crave those iconic herbs and spices. Even though the packaging makes for a lovely table scape, the food inside the buckets is the bigger draw.

The KFC Holiday Buckets will be available starting November 24. The special designs will have a limited availability. In addition to in restaurant purchases, the buckets can be order online and via various delivery methods.

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