Is Thanksgiving turkey being replaced by Thanksgiving ham on the holiday table?

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On the holiday table, Thanksgiving ham might be the star, not Thanksgiving turkey.

As the holidays approach, another change is coming to the holiday table. Could you be serving Thanksgiving ham instead of Thanksgiving turkey?

For many people, Thanksgiving turkey is the centerpiece of the holiday table. While everyone hopes that there is no Griswold family mishap when carving that picturesque bird, the holiday tradition is part of those holiday food memories. From whom gets to the drumstick to commenting on how moist the turkey tastes, the pattern repeats year after year.

Given the current climate of the holidays 2020, that traditional holiday table is not going to be the same. From the guest list shrinking to virtual celebrations, the typical shopping habits will not be followed. One big change could be the main dish. Might you serve Thanksgiving ham over Thanksgiving turkey?

Recently, Walmart shared some holiday trends and predications for holidays 2020. While it has been known that turkey sizes (I.e. the weight of a turkey) will be smaller, Walmart thinks that a few other changes will come to the holiday table.

For example, Walmart believes that Thanksgiving ham could be the preferred choice. While ham is often an Easter dish, the choice to serve ham at Thanksgiving could be a good one. First, ham is relatively easy to prepare. In most cases, home cooks just have to heat and eat. It is almost fool-proof.

Second, ham is an easy food to incorporate into leftovers. From omelets to sandwiches, the options for using leftover ham are many.

Also, a ham is generally smaller in size than a turkey. Given the smaller guest list for the holiday table, it makes sense that people wouldn’t want to have too much food. Overall, ham offers a great value for a holiday meal.

The trend toward the Thanksgiving ham could be because some people are afraid to cook a Thanksgiving turkey. From forgetting to properly clean the bird to understanding when the turkey is fully cooked, turkey may not be the easiest food to cook.

While many people have happily enjoyed grandma’s Thanksgiving turkey year after year, the current climate may not make that holiday table possible. Even though many people have discovered a joy of cooking, that turkey can still evoke a lot of kitchen fear.

Whether you enjoy a Thanksgiving ham, a Thanksgiving turkey or even just order some takeout, the holiday table can be a memorable one this year. The day is meant to give thanks and hopefully everyone has something that makes them thankful.

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What do you expect at your holiday table this year? How is your celebration changing?