General Mills Cereal Squad collaborates with Ben Baller for charity

Ben Baller Trix Necklace raises funds for charity, photo provided by General Mills
Ben Baller Trix Necklace raises funds for charity, photo provided by General Mills /

For Ben Baller, the General Mills Cereal Squad collab is more than just bold bling.

While cereal connects young and old, the General Mills Cereal Squad is ready to make this holiday season sparkle and shine. In a special collaboration with Ben Baller, this one of kind piece is more than just a food fashion statement.

This charitable piece of jewelry celebrates the idea behind the Cereal Squad. Earlier this year, General Mills launched this idea to foster the idea of friendship and togetherness.

Thinking of cereal, many people can recall childhood moments of enjoying that favorite bowl of cereal. Whether watching cartoons on Saturday morning with a bowl of Trix or that special Friday night dinner where you were able to Lucky Charms, cereal has and continues to be part of the food conversation.

According to the Rachel Letsche, “The goal of the Cereal Squad is to bring a moment of joy to our fans, similar to the simple joy of a bowl of cereal.” Now more than ever, that connection between people, food and culture is vital. Finding a commonality between people can spark an even bigger conversation.

The General Mills Cereal Squad Trix Rabbit chain in collaboration with Ben Baller continues that conversation in a bigger way. The charitable necklace, available on eBay, benefits No Kid Hungry.

As food insecurity grows, this type of charity event can make a huge difference in the plight. When No Kid Hungry can provide food for those in need, the impact on the community is great. Hunger is often the silent disease that has a huge impact on the community.

Ben was drawn to this collaboration for many reasons, including his personal connection to cereal.

Ben said, ““I created this Trix Rabbit piece to celebrate my love for cereal. Day or night – it’s a go-to meal in my house. My kids love waking up in the morning and eating a bowl of Trix or Lucky Charms with their dad. But this collab is about more than that – it’s about shining a bright light on an issue that’s only gotten worse this year: childhood hunger. If you love cereal and family as much as I do, you need this Trix Rabbit chain in your collection. You can wear the piece on your neck and close to your heart knowing you did something good for the world.”

While some people might be able to purchase on this charitable necklace, everyone can make build on the ideas behind the General Mills Cereal Squad. Yes, a bowl of cereal can foster a friendship. Yes, people can be together while apart. Everyone just has to choose to make a difference.

The Trix Rabbit Chain sale is available through November 23 on eBay. All proceeds will go to No Kid Hungry.

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How are you fostering friendship and togetherness?