Sour Patch Kids turn the holidays into naughty than nice

Sour Patch Kids holiday offerings, photo provided by Sour Patch Kids
Sour Patch Kids holiday offerings, photo provided by Sour Patch Kids /

Add a little mischief to the holidays with Sour Patch Kids.

Put down the candy cane and fill the holiday candy bowl with Sour Patch Kids. Even though Santa might be re-writing his holiday list, sometimes it is ok to be naughty than nice. Doesn’t your candy bowl need a little holiday mischief?

This holiday season, Sour Patch Kids have a wide array of holiday candy, treats and even some holiday gifting merchandise. If you like a little sour with your sweet, this holiday season is going to be tasty.

Since everyone tends to have a preferred candy flavor, the Make Your Mix is a perfect choice for the holiday season. Available in both 2lb and 5 lb holiday themed boxes, these gifts could make that next round of sitting on the couch more enjoyable.

For the holiday baker, these Make Your Own Mixes are a baking solution. Anyone who has picked out certain colors or flavors from a mixed bag knows that it can be time consuming. By curating a specially made mix, it is the perfect solution. Whether you are making rice cereal treats, popcorn cake or even holiday trifle, the sweet and sour candy is always in the mix.

Of course, the brand has created its own holiday mix. The Happy Holidays Mix and Secret Santa Mix bring the holiday colors to the candy bowl. While you won’t get peppermint with these red and green mixes, you will not have to suffer through another boring candy cane.

While candy is always a great sometimes treat, some people might want to balance that sweet treat with some fun apparel. From hoodies and tees to mugs and pillows, there are many options for gifts under the tree.

All the Sour Patch Kids holiday gift items are available now. The brand’s website has a variety of holiday deals available.

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Are you ready to embrace the naughty than nice holiday season? What is your favorite holiday candy?