Sugar cookie flavor takes over the holiday candy aisle

M&Ms Sugar Cookie, photo provided by M&Ms
M&Ms Sugar Cookie, photo provided by M&Ms /

Move over peppermint, sugar cookie flavor is the new holiday candy.

What is your favorite holiday candy? Sugar cookie flavor seems to be the tasty food trend for this holiday season. Maybe Santa will get a bowl of candy instead of cookies this year.

During the holidays, it is permissible to have another candy, treat or dessert. No one worries about calories or saying that they are full. Sweet treats are part of the holiday celebration.

While there are many traditional candies and candy flavors, people can want some different. Without going too far outside of their comfort zone, the new flavors need to balance the familiar with the new.

Sugar cookie flavor holiday candy seems to be the big food trend for this holiday season. Just like hot cocoa has taken over the baking aisle, sugar cookie and candy are the hot new pair.

M&M’s Sugar Cookie is the brand’s exclusive holiday flavors. The white chocolate, sugar cookie-flavored shell has a crispy center. Without the need to turn on the oven and bake, you can have that sweet, classic flavor. Whether you enjoy a couple or a handful, the holiday season is not complete without having a taste.

For the holidays, M&M’s is encouraging everyone to share their holiday wishes with #BiteSizedHolidayWishes. From moments of nostalgia from years past to hopes for the future, it is time to focus on the happy. While candy always brings smiles, it is time to celebrate the joy all around.

By sharing these #BiteSizedHolidayWishes on, people could have their wish shared on the M&M’s Jumbotron in Times Square. More importantly, all those wishes are reminder to focus on the joy during the holiday season. Right now, finding the happy is more important than ever.

And, don’t forget to enjoy some M&M’s Sugar Cookie candies. Life is too short not to enjoy candy during the holidays.

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What is your holiday wish this season?