Thanksgiving healthy eating swaps that don’t make you feel deprived

New WW lifestyle program, photo provided by WW
New WW lifestyle program, photo provided by WW /

With a food feast waiting, these Thanksgiving healthy eating swaps are easy and tasty.

Mindful eating during the holiday season starts with Thanksgiving healthy eating swaps. Even if the traditional holiday dinner is more like a micro meal, a few recipes, food options and other choices can turn a single eating event into a day’s worth of calories. Still, there is a better way.

Recently, WW has launched a new lifestyle program, MyWW+. Since people are looking for more mindfulness in their lifestyle choices, WW is looking to bring together all aspects of a person’s daily habits. Beyond choosing better for you foods, these programs look to incorporate all aspects of life. From being physically active to wellness to balance, all items need to work in harmony.

With Thanksgiving dinner quickly approaching, Jaclyn London, MS, RD, CDN | Head of Nutrition & Wellness for WW, shared her advice for Thanksgiving healthy eating swaps. While some of these ideas are straightforward, the bigger takeaway is simple.

The holiday food feast is about balance. It doesn’t mean that you have to skip that piece of pie. Instead, it is about being mindful when enjoying that indulgence.

Here is some advice for healthy eating over Thanksgiving.

Don’t skip breakfast

Who hasn’t heard the phrase, I’ll have a small this because I’m going to have a big that. According to London, “skipping meals to “save calories” can backfire. Additionally, “research has shown that breakfast eaters tend to eat less overall, especially late-night.”

Consider having some scrambled eggs, a whole grain-English muffin and some fruit for breakfast. Or, even some steel cut oats with fruit and a drizzle of Greek yogurt. Basically, a thoughtful breakfast can help to keep the balance throughout the day.

Drink up

Have you ever mistaken hunger with thirst? Staying well hydrated can help to keep that snacking craving curbed. From sparkling water to even a touch of lemon in the water, the varieties of non-caloric beverages help to keep boredom away. Plus, you might see some other benefits from being well-hydrated, too.

Fill up with fiber

Even though those rolls and that stuffing is tempting, don’t forget to eat some fiber-forward food. From green beans to Brussels sprouts, there are plenty of options to enjoy. It isn’t that you have to completely skip the other foods, but the plate does have room for some non-starchy veggies. Even consider adding some cauliflower to stuffing or mashed potatoes as an extra boost.

Don’t waste time (or SmartPoints!) on what’s always in your pantry

While the holiday feast is always about enjoying that extra indulgence, it is about choosing wisely. Just because the cookie plate is overflowing, it doesn’t have to mean that you eat everything. London suggests choosing special foods to enjoy and share other every day foods with others.

These Thanksgiving healthy eating swaps are just a few ideas to keep the Thanksgiving dinner feast a little more balanced. Whether you use one idea or many, one important idea is most important for the celebration. A moment of gratitude is the most important part of any holiday celebration.

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How are you finding balance during this year’s holiday celebrations?