Easy ways to keep kids hydrated this school year

Capri Sun Water, photo provided by Capri Sun
Capri Sun Water, photo provided by Capri Sun /

Looking for easy ways to keep kids hydrated? These tips earn an A+.

Even though the school year might look different, finding easy ways to keep kids hydrated is important. While kids might be well prepared with a variety of supplies to make the school year run smoothly, keeping them properly hydrated during the day is equally important. Have you added these beverages to your back to school agenda?

Over the years, more and more people understand the importance of proper hydration. It isn’t just having that re-fillable water bottle in your purse or choosing water over soda. Just like other healthy eating aspects have become common parts of everyone’s healthy lifestyle, having easy ways to keep hydrated are a priority.

When it comes to kids, hydration and school, there is a direct connection between their proper hydration and focus, concentration, energy levels and endurance. While the student athlete might understand post-workout hydration, drinking throughout the day is equally as important.

Putting aside the refillable water bottle, here are some other easy ways to keep kids hydrated.

Capri Sun Filtered Water Promotion

While many kids open lunchboxes and smile when they see that Capri Sun pouch, the brand wanted to do more this school year. Recently, Capri Sun donated 5 million filtered water pouches to Chigcagoland schools. The idea is to give kids a way to drink water in a familiar way.

According to Naor Danieli, associated director of kids hydration, Kraft Heinz, “With a tremendous amount of collaboration across all our CAPRI SUN teams, we worked quickly to create–CAPRI SUN Filtered Water–and hope it will make life easier for parents while making water slightly more fun for kids.”

While these special pouches might not be available everyone, it is a simple reminder to make sure that kids have easy, convenient ways to stay hydrated. Whether it is an extra water bottle or a filtered water pouch, the key is having products available.


Many parents understand that kids love juice, but juice might not be an every time choice. KidsLuv is a flavored juice infused water. With just 10 calories per serving, 12 essential vitamins/minerals and zero sugar, this grab and go drink will have kids asking for more.

The KidsLuv comes in three different flavors, Peach Me, I’m Orange, Flying FLA-Mango and Starstruck Coconut. While all three flavors are kid friendly, the Peach Me is more peach forward than orange. If your kids like peach, this drink will be a winner.

The Flying FLA Mango is the favorite with both kids and adults in our house. The mango is just enough to make each sip more enjoyable then the next. Definitely , a great alternative to both juice and sports drinks.

Gatorade Juiced

Many kids love their sports drinks, but those drinks are often meant for post-activity hydration. The balance of calories to the flavors might them a specific occasion beverage.

The Gatorade Juiced is a juice-based sports drink. At only 40 calories per serving yet has hydration with electrolytes, it is a good option for families.

These easy ways to keep kids hydrated this school year are just a few of the many options available. No matter which option you choose, remind kids to stay hydrated. It can keep them energized for all that learning.

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