Gatorade Juiced, a new unique way for athletes to hydrate

New Gatorade Juiced, photo provided Gatorade
New Gatorade Juiced, photo provided Gatorade /

Quench your thirst with Gatorade Juiced.

From weekend warriors to aspiring athletes, Gatorade Juiced is a flavor upgrade to your regular hydration beverage. Available in stores now, this new beverage still offers all the electrolytes for hydration, but it has a new twist, fruit juices.

As the only juice-based sports drink, this new Gatorade beverage comes in three flavors, Mixed Berry, Apple Raspberry and Citrus Berry Punch. Thinking of these three flavors, the flavors tend to fruit juice forward. In some ways, they tend to show some similarities to a juice box.

Mixed berry juices and apple juice are often favorite flavors for many kids. The versatility of those flavors ensures its popularity. Since there is a sense of familiar, many people will try this new Gatorade beverage because it is approachable. Even if you love that classic Gatorade fruit punch, a Citrus Berry Punch might be quite enjoyable.

Thinking about the three flavors, the Apple Raspberry seems to be the most unique. While apple is probably one of the most popular fruit juices, it isn’t a flavor used in sports drinks. This new flavor will have many people grabbing one just because.

Bringing fruit juice to the hydration space is quite interesting. In addition to the new flavors, the beverage has no added sugar or artificial sweeteners. Since athletes working hard, they do not want to ruin all that effort with a poor beverage choice.

Additionally, each serving has just 40 calories. While the electrolytes will help to aid hydration, this Gatorade will not erase all that hard work.

Overall, the new Gatorade Juiced gives consumers more options. From the weekend warrior to the aspiring athlete, proper hydration is the fuel to achieve more. Now, there are no more excuses to not staying hydrated.

Gatorade Juiced is available in 12 oz 6-packs and at a various retailers.

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What is your go-to hydration beverage? Do you always grab the same beverage flavor or do you switch it up?