TAZO Tea Blends and holiday desserts are delicious pairs

TAZO Tea Blends, photo provided by TAZO TEA
TAZO Tea Blends, photo provided by TAZO TEA /

Move over coffee, TAZO Tea Blends and holiday desserts are perfect pairs.

TAZO Tea Blends and holiday desserts are here to make the season even more satisfying. Instead of another coffee to end a meal, consider brewing a cup of tea and discover a flavor journey. Whether you enjoy a sip on its own or paired with these classic holiday desserts, the art of tea might be the best holiday gift this season.

TAZO Tea is always looking to push the flavor envelope. From invoking feelings to elevating cocktails, this tea is far from just another tea bag. With these flavorful tea blends, a touch of sweetness appears in the teacup. From a hint of spice to subtle herbaceous notes, a tea can reveal a journey in flavor.

Recently, TAZO Tea Masters shared some TAZO Tea Blends and holiday dessert pairings. While these food and beverage pairings are a suggestion, they show how tea can play with flavors. From contrast to complement, the flavors are meant to excite and surprise.

Here are some suggested TAZO Tea Blends and holiday dessert pairings.

Butterscotch Blondie and Pecan Pie

Pecan Pie is a rich bite of sugar and nuttiness. With the Butterscotch Blondie, the sweetness and butter are a lovely complement to each other.

Vanilla Bean Macaron and Vanilla Rice Pudding

While a Vanilla Rice Pudding might be a little simple, the black tea adds some depth to the flavor pairing. Although the sweetness is prevalent, there is something pure to this simple flavor combination.

Glazed Lemon Loaf and Cranberry Lemon Bar

Since cranberries are a popular holiday flavor, this tea pairing looks to add brightness to the flavor combination. The herbal tea with citrus plays off the sweet and tart in the dessert.

Joy and Yule Log Cake

With joy being the sentiment of the season, the Joy black tea can stand up to the richness of the Yule Log Cake. Even if you only get a small slice of cake, you will uncover the spirit of the season.

Sweet Cinnamon Spice and Snickerdoodle

For many people, cinnamon in the kitchen is a popular holiday aroma. This food and beverage pairing plays the warm spice and a touch of sweetness. You might not want cookies and milk again.

Organic Spicy Ginger and Gingerbread Cake

While it might not be fruit cake, this tea has a few fruity notes. With the spice from ginger, this flavor combination is the warm hug that satisfies through the holiday season.

This holiday season discover TAZO Tea Blends and holiday dessert pairings. It could be the food gift that brings smiles into the New Year.

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What is your favorite tea to enjoy on a winter day?