Lagunitas IPNA brings bold, hoppy flavor to the non-alcoholic beer space

Lagunitas Brewing Company IPNA, photo provided by Lagunitas
Lagunitas Brewing Company IPNA, photo provided by Lagunitas /

Lagunitas IPNA is the non-alcoholic IPA that craft beer drinkers will want to open.

As the number one selling IPA, Lagunitas knows about hoppy craft beers. The new Lagunitas IPNA, the beer brand’s first non-alcoholic IPA, looks to capture a particular segment in the non-alcoholic beer market. If you want a non-alcoholic beer that tastes like beer, the Lagunitas IPNA could be your new preferred choice.

From the sober curious to a balanced lifestyle, non-alcoholic beers have become more popular. While many people might want the taste of a beer, they do not want the alcoholic aspect to the beverage.

As more and more beer brands look to capture this market, one aspect sets them apart with beer drinkers. Craft beer fans want a non-alcoholic beer to taste like a beer. That beer flavor needs to come through in each sip.

For Lagunitas, it was imperative that its Lagunitas IPNA taste like a hoppy IPA. The brand is known for its hop-forward craft beers. Its loyal fans want that IPA craft-beer taste and that aspect was something that the beer brand would not compromise.

Lagunitas IPNA non-alcoholic beer launch
Lagunitas Brewing Company IPNA, photo provided by Lagunitas /

Jeremy Marshall, Head Brew Monster at Lagunitas said “IPNA has many of the familiar notes you’ll find in our other IPAs. It’s citrusy, piney and dank. The body is lighter, but there’s still enough bitterness and backbone to let you know you’re drinking a craft beer. I like to say that IPNA is all pleasure, no guilt. And the pleasure in IPNA isn’t the alcohol, it’s the hops.”

Since IPAs continue to have a loyal following and strong market presence, filling this non-alcoholic IPA segment seems to set Lagunitas up for a big success. Given the attention to detail and care that was used in the beer’s development, Lagunitas should be primed for a successful launch.

According to Lagunitas, the non-alcoholic IPA features a combination of Mosaic, Citra and Columbus hops. In addition, the beer features Alberta barley and English crystal malt. From the flavor to the appearance, the concept was to deliver a beer that is a non-alcoholic mirror of the Lagunitas flagship IPA.

Given the popularity of the Lagunitas Hoppy Refresher, the new non-alcoholic option is poised to do well. While the Hoppy Refresher is a zero alcohol, zero carbs and zero calorie option, it has become the number one non-alcoholic product on the market. Still, some drinkers are craving that bolder flavor in the non-alcoholic space.

The new Lagunitas IPNA will start becoming available at various retailers. It will be sold in 6-pack glass bottles. The cost will be comparable to the flagship Lagunitas IPA.

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