Best non-alcoholic beers for the sober curious

Heineken, photo provided by Heineken
Heineken, photo provided by Heineken /

Can the best non-alcoholic beers really satisfy like their alcoholic equivalents?

Whether you are sober curious, taking a break or just don’t want a groggy next morning, the best non-alcoholic beers can satisfy just like the higher ABV alternatives. Taste isn’t always directly connected to the alcohol content. Ready to pop open a can and take a sip?

Just like any beverage or beer, taste should drive a drinking decision. While people can debate favorite brands, celebrity association or even NFL team affliations, the only thing that matters is taste.

A recent beverage trend has been focusing on lifestyle beers. From fewer carbs to lower calories, many beer drinkers are looking for options that keep them going farther, faster, stronger. Even as these beers become plentiful, some people want a non-alcoholic option.

Beyond the lifestyle beer trend, there has been a bigger move towards the sober curious. Dry-January might have turned into more than just a New Year’s Resolution. While people might want the flavor of that favorite beer, they do want the alcoholic impact.

Luckily, some of the best non-alcoholic beers are filling store shelves. While the alcohol is lessened, the flavor still delivers. From a lager to a full bodied stout, there are many options to fill the cooler.

Here are FoodSided’s picks for best non-alcoholic beers.

Heineken 0.0

After years of exploring, the Master Brewers at Heineken created a delightful light lager. Similar to the crisp, balanced flavors from a traditional Heineken , the Heineken 0.0 has a slightly malty body yet a touch of fruity flavors.

The beauty of the Heineken 0.0 is that the beer works with almost everything. From a big burger from the grill to a simple salad, it is always a great non-alcoholic beer to have in the refrigerator.

The Heineken 0.0 could be a great way to transition to non-alcoholic beverages. It satisfies like the original, but doesn’t have the alcoholic effects.

Lagunitas Hop Hoppy Refresher

While it might not be a little sumpin something, this non-alcoholic beer has those citrus hop notes like people like from those bold IPAs.

This option is not only zero-alcohol, it is also zero-carb and zero-calorie. It is almost a hoppy alternative to sparkling water.

Coors Edge Non-Alcoholic Beer

These Rocky Mountains will have you climbing and feeling good. This beer has more bread-like flavors and even a touch of corn. That hint of sweetness seems to bring out the crispness. If you like a traditional light beer, this option is a great choice.

Hairless Dog Brewing Company

Consider the craft non-alcholic beer, Hairless Dog Brewing Company offers the most variety in a non-alcoholic beer line. With four options, there is at least one beer that will satisfy your thirst.

The Coffee Stout beer is definitely the most creative and flavorful option. While some coffee drinkers will be drawn to this beverage, the beer is smooth yet robust. It has layers of flavors that make it quite enjoyable.

Also, consider making an ice cream float with the Coffee Stout. It makes the classic frozen treat quite flavorful.

These are just a few of the many non-alcoholic beers on the market. And, the beverage space keeps growing. With Budweiser and Dwyane Wade’s collaboration, it seems that the beverage space will keep expanding.

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Are you part of the sober curious movement?