Hairless Dog Brewing, a craft beer full of flavor, just without the ABV

Hairless Dog Brewing, first 0.0% alcohol by volume craft beer, photo provided by Hairless Dog Brewing
Hairless Dog Brewing, first 0.0% alcohol by volume craft beer, photo provided by Hairless Dog Brewing /

No need for hair of the dog when you crack open a can of Hairless Dog Brewing. This non-alcoholic beer will impress any craft beer lover.

While beer trends ebb and flow, some beer drinkers are looking for lower alcohol content but they never want to sacrifice flavor. Hairless Dog Brewing has found a way to create craft beer that is non-alcoholic. Even after cracking open a couple of NA craft beer cans with friends, you will not have to worry about the hair of the dog in the morning.

One of the keys to a delicious craft beer isn’t the ABV, it is nuanced, layered flavor. From aroma as the beer is poured into the glass to the first sip on your tongue, drinking a good craft beer is more than just throwing back a few cold ones with a friend.

While craft beers can be a delightful sip, some people would prefer to have a beer with a lower or no alcohol content. The problem becomes that some of those beers tend to be less flavorful. Although no one would confuse them with water, the lack of flavor can make people take a hard pass.

In an innovative take, Hairless Dog Brewing has created a line of craft, non-alcoholic beers that will impress even the most divisive craft beer drinker. These beers do not require moderation because they can be enjoyed beyond moderation. In a way, this craft beer is perfect for any and every occasion.

Hairless Dog Brewing
Hairless Dog Brewing, first 0.0% alcohol by volume craft beer, NA IPA, photo provided by Hairless Dog Brewing /

Hairless Dog Brewing offers three beers in its line, an IPA, a black ale and a coffee stout. Just looking at the three varieties, these offerings are different from traditional non-alcoholic beers.

Probably the most approachable craft beer in the line is the IPA. The West Coast style IPA is bold with hoppy flavors and smooth malts. It is a great option to have on a warm day, sitting by the pool.

Thinking about the IPA, it is also the most approachable when it comes to pairing with food. Similar to a traditional IPA, the hoppy qualities allows it to pair with appetizers and entrees. From an abundant cheese plate to a simple roasted chicken, the pairing options are plentiful.

For a darker, richer option, the Black Ale is a nuanced craft beer. Generally, a black ale is a juxtaposition, the dark color reveals a lighter in flavor beer. The smoothness of this beer is enticing.

The Black Ale brings the roasted malt flavor to the glass. While quite smooth, the beer beckons to be poured in the empty glass. Never bitter, it will surprise even the light beer drinker.

For this beer, it be best enjoyed with a hearty dinner. From a big steak to a mojo pork, the black ale can stand up to those strong flavors.

Lastly, Hairless Dog Brewing offers a coffee stout. This craft beer is probably the most unusual for a non-alcoholic beer. Given that stouts are often high in ABV, this beer is a game changer.

The bold coffee flavors make this coffee stout a slow, easy sipper. It is best enjoyed as each flavor is revealed.

Thinking about this craft beer, it would be a great option to make an ice cream float. Instead of using root beer, this beer would make a delicious option. Plus, with no ABV, the only guilt is the ice cream.

The coffee stout is a great after dinner option. It is like the end of the evening drink that will not cause a problem in the morning. Isn’t that the perfect way to end the evening?

The Hairless Dog Brewing non-alcoholic craft beers are available at various retailers. A product finder is available on the company’s website.

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Are you ready to enjoy a delicious craft beer that never bites back? Hairless Dog Brewing is the NA craft beer that will have you running to buy it.