Pepperidge Farm Holiday Cookie Kit is sweet perfection

Pepperidge Farm Holiday cookies, photo provided by Pepperidge Farms
Pepperidge Farm Holiday cookies, photo provided by Pepperidge Farms /

Pepperidge Farm Holiday Cookie Kit makes holiday cookie plates easy.

Skip the mixing and baking because Pepperidge Farm Holiday Cookie Kit is here to simplify the holiday season. Featuring favorite classic holiday cookies, this cookie plate is the easy way to do holiday cookies this season. Isn’t it time to take the stress out of the holiday season?

For many people, the holiday season is about cookie exchanges, holiday baking events and large amounts of holiday food. This year, the holidays are non-traditional. Instead of everyone gathering in the kitchen, people are connecting across the miles.

If holiday baking doesn’t hold the same appeal this year, the Pepperidge Farm Holiday Cookie Kit is here to save the day. Featuring favorite holiday cookies, this sweet gift from Pepperidge Farm will bring smiles to any home.

December 4 is National Cookie Day. While many people would take to spending hours in the kitchen baking, Pepperidge Farm is encouraging people to keep that oven off. Some lucky people will receive the easy holiday cookie platter.

On December 4 at 8 am EST, fans can head to for a chance to win a Pepperidge Farm holiday cookie kit. The kit includes a special plate that will create a picture perfect cookie display and all the cookies needed to fill the plate.

This special plate is intended to hold favorite Pepperidge Farm holiday cookies. The cookies include Mint Brussels, Double Milk Chocolate Milano, Chessmen, Snowball and Candy Cane Milano. Since the plate has a wide variety of flavors, it ensures that everyone will have a cookie that they enjoy.

Personally, the Candy Cane Milano cookies are always a popular holiday cookie in our household. While Milano Cookies are part of my holiday me time, the candy cane flavored cookie is a great way to enjoy those holiday flavors without having to struggle with that candy cane wrapper. Even Santa likes a few of those cookies with his milk.

If you don’t get one of these special Pepperidge Farm holiday cookie kits, you can create a festive holiday cookie plate on your own. Whether you use all or some of the holiday cookies is up to you. No matter the choices, holiday cookies always bring smiles.

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What is your favorite holiday cookie?