Milano Cookies and Tan France want you to take a cookie break

Milano Cookies and Tan France collab, photo provided by Milano
Milano Cookies and Tan France collab, photo provided by Milano /

For Tan France and Milano Cookies, a cookie break is a moment to celebrate.

Sometimes a little cookie break can be more than a sweet treat. Milano Cookies and Tan France are encouraging everyone to find a reason to celebrate. After all, cookies are for everyone, not just closers.

From busy schedules to overwhelming days, life can feel like a whirlwind. While people might say that they want a moment to just breathe, another calendar notification bings, an email needs a response, or a child says mom for the hundredth time.

Although some people might try to schedule a “break” during the day, a side of guilt might appear. Is there a reason to celebrate? Do I really deserve this special treat?

For Tan France and Milano Cookies, they believe that everyone deserves a moment to take a break, and maybe have a cookie. It is more than just listening to that breathe notification on your Apple Watch. It is a few moments to celebrate life’s wins, both big and small.

To encourage everyone to take that moment, France and Milano have created a limited-edition Milano x Tan France Cup & Saucer set. This set is perfect for taking a little break to sip some tea and enjoy a cookie. Sometimes life’s simple pleasures deserve to be rediscovered.

France said, “Now more than ever, it’s important to appreciate and reflect on wins big and small — and I personally enjoy doing so while curling up with my favorite cup of coffee and having a Milano cookie!”

Milano Cookies, Tan France
Milano Cookies and Tan France collab, photo provided by Milano /

For anyone who can appreciate this need for a break, they can enter to win one of the special limited edition cup and saucer. Simply share how you are celebrating with #HaveACookie and tag Milano Cookies on Instagram.

While some people might have their break routine, this new offering could spark a trend. France said, “I’ve partnered with Milano cookies to create a limited-edition cup & saucer set, specially designed to add a little extra sweetness to your daily routine. Whether you’ve accomplished a huge work goal or simply need a break from all that is 2020, what better way to celebrate than to have a cookie?”

Sometimes people wait to celebrate the biggest moments. From a special year birthday to attaining an important goal, those huge occasions rightly deserve recognition.

Still, the little moments cannot be forgotten. From getting through a zoom call without interruption or clearing out your inbox before 8 p.m., those little achievements give everyone the courage to power through another day (even if that day seems like yesterday).

Why not set an appointment with yourself to celebrate you with a sweet treat. Whether you have a dark chocolate Milano cookie, a mint Milano cookie or a seasonal pumpkin spice cookie, savor the bite and the moment. Life is too short not to have a cookie. Everyone can enjoy one, not just closers.

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How will you celebrate yourself today?