Milano cookies and wine are a mom’s perfect escape

Milano cookies and wine pairings, photo provided by Milano
Milano cookies and wine pairings, photo provided by Milano /

Have you ever thought about pairing Milano cookies and wine? This food pairing combination could become the perfect mom escape.

As seen in those Milano cookies commercials, sometimes moms need a minute. Milano cookies and wine paired together could be that little indulgence to make any day feel a little brighter. Although anyone is welcome to create their own perfect cookie and wine pairings, a few flavor pairings just tend to work together. If you are ready to open a bottle and grab some Milano cookies, here are a few cookie and wine pairing suggestions.

Recently, Milano cookies came up with the idea of Happier Hour with Milano. Created by Maureen Petrosky, a sommelier and cookie love, these ideas are quite intriguing.

While many people enjoy a glass of wine and maybe a cheese plate at happy hour, who isn’t to say that cookies cannot make their way to the plate. Whether these pairings are enjoyed at happy hour, watching your favorite movie or just a leisurely afternoon, wine and cookies are tasty indulgence.

Although Milano has numerous flavors, the brand selected just a few options for these Milano cookies and wine pairings. Even though many people love those Mint Milano cookies, that particular flavor is a little more difficult to pair with wine. These four cookies and wine pairings focus mainly on the chocolate forward flavors.

If your wine glass is ready, here are a few Milano cookies and wine pairings to tempt your taste buds.

Double Dark Chocolate Milano Cookies

The rich, bold flavor of the Double Dark Chocolate Milano Cookies needs a big, bold wine to complement the flavors. A full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon is a suggested choice. Sometimes this robust style of red wine has the stronger tannins that play off the bolder dark chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Milano Cookies

For the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Milano Cookies, the suggested wine pairing is a Pinot Noir. The idea is that the ripe cherry notes that are often seen in a Pinot Noir plays off the sweetness from the dark chocolate sea salt combination. Since not all Pinot Noir wines are the same, look for a medium bodied wine. The more fruit forward options should pair well.

Milk Chocolate Milano Cookies

Every season is rose season. For the classic Milk Chocolate Milano Cookies, the suggested wine pairing is a rose. The light, often fruit forward roses play off the milk chocolate. Similar to the easy drinking qualities of the rose, the milk chocolate flavors are always a great choice. Look for a strawberry forward rose to create almost a chocolate covered strawberry flavor combination.

Raspberry Milano Cookies

Have you ever put a raspberry in a glass of sparkling wine? That idea comes into play with this wine pairing. The Raspberry Milano Cookies and a sparkling wine works quite well. Look for a dry, crispy wine with effervescent bubbles. If you do not like sparkling wine, a crispy white wine, like a Pinot Grigio, could work, too.

If you are not a wine fan, do not fret. You can pair a cocktail with these tasty Milano cookies.

For example, the Orange Milano cookie works well with cocktails. The suggested pairing is a Negroni that mimics the orange flavors in the cookie. A Sidecar, the classic whiskey cocktail, might be a nice choice, too.

Since Mint Milano cookies are one of the most popular cookies, that suggested cocktail pairing would be an espresso martini. The boldness of the coffee flavors plays off the refreshing mint. If you are looking for something more trendy, try pairing it with a whipped coffee cocktail.

Lastly, if you want to upgrade that coffee and cookie pairing, pair one of the new latte inspired Milano cookies with a coffee cocktail. From a classic Irish Coffee to a Kahlua and cream, there are many pairings that work.

These Milano cookies and wine pairings are just a few suggestions. Just like pairing wine with any dish, personal preference is always the best choice. Why not open a package of your favorite Milano cookies and your favorite bottle of wine and see where the flavors take you. In the end, you enjoyed two of your favorite foods and that is reason to celebrate.

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Do you enjoy wine and cookies together? What pairings do you suggest?