Free Breakfast Baconator is the Wendy’s gift that makes the day tastier

(Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Wendy's)
(Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Wendy's) /

If you want a free Breakfast Baconator, Wendy’s has you covered.

It is time to head to Wendy’s because a free Breakfast Baconator is waiting for you. When a delicious breakfast kicks off the day, you know that great things lay ahead. If you can handle all this bacon goodness, it is time to redeem this offer.

According to Wendy’s, the free Breakfast Baconator offer is available now through December 27. The free food offer is available through the app. Customers must make a purchase through the app in order to qualify for the free food promotion.

Based on the information from Wendy’s, there is no minimum purchase to qualify for the free Breakfast Baconator. Now, you could really make this free food offer a great deal. Why not just order a coffee and get a free breakfast sandwich?

Many people love the Breakfast Baconator. It is a huge bite to start the day. While many people think that everything is better with bacon, this sandwich is all about the bacon. The only way to have more bacon would be to have a bacon bun.

Thinking about this free food promotion, it is another example how Wendy’s is using its app to its advantage. In order to qualify for the free food, guests have to use the app.

In many cases, the app is more than just ordering convenience for the consumer. It does help a restaurant with orders and speeding up the process. As many people feel that the app helps streamline the ordering process.

Additionally, some companies have found that consumers tend to order more via the app. When you just push a button, it is easier to place that order for another drink, fries or even Frosty.

No matter the reason why the app is becoming more popular, the free food promotions will keep enticing guests to come back time and again. This free Breakfast Baconator is another example.

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Will you get a free Breakfast Baconator from Wendy’s?