Lady Gaga themed OREO cookies share messages of kindness

Lady Gaga themed OREO, photo provided by OREO
Lady Gaga themed OREO, photo provided by OREO /

Little Monsters listen up because Lady Gaga themed OREO cookies are coming.

The new year is already looking brighter. Lady Gaga themed OREO cookies will be hitting store shelves in 2021. While the OREO cookies will be a tasty treat, this collaboration looks to spread musical messages of kindness. Isn’t it time we all share a little more kindness in our lives?

Over the past year, OREO used its iconic cookie status in creative and endearing ways. While many people crave the newest OREO cookie flavor innovation, the touching messages seen in the brand’s campaigns have shown how a single cookie can unite people. Whether it is discovering the playful side, strengthening a family bond or showing people how to get along, a single sandwich cookie can spark that conversation.

The Lady Gaga Themed OREO cookies are more than just vibrantly colored, special limited edition cookies. Of course, the pink-colored Golden OREO cookies with green colored crème bring Gaga’s Chromatica album to the snack aisle.

Lady Gaga collaborates with OREO Cookies
Lady Gaga and OREO collaboration, photo provided by OREO /

From the colors to the Chromatica-inspired designs, these sandwich cookies will be devoured by many Little Monsters. Starting in January, 6-cookie packs will be available in convenience stores. Full size packs will be released at a later date.

Still, the bigger message behind these Lady Gaga Themed OREO cookies is the musical messages of kindness. Gaga has been a huge advocate for mental health, speaking your truth and acceptance of others. This collaboration invites everyone to Sing It With OREO.

The Sing It With OREO campaign allows people to create OREOgrams. Available on specially marked OREO packages or available at, these OREOgrams create playful, uplifting messages that can be shared with others.

Through the platform, people can create their own unique message or send a pre-recorded Lady Gaga message to friends and family. Since words are powerful, the hope is that kindness can bring moments of happiness to everyone’s lives.

While there is a sweepstakes with many potential prizes associated with the OREOgrams, the message is far greater than the prizes to be won. Sure, many people would love to win the grand prize of trip to a Lady Gaga concert. More importantly, sharing kind words with others is a far bigger prize to give.

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What message of kindness would you share? How have OREO cookies helped you rediscover your playful side?