Yelp predicts you will crave these 2021 food trends

Strawberry jasmine fruit tea with taro pudding, left, Thai tea topped with layer of cheesecake and boba and mango matcha tea by The Milk Jar in Hyde Park Plaza.Milkjar3
Strawberry jasmine fruit tea with taro pudding, left, Thai tea topped with layer of cheesecake and boba and mango matcha tea by The Milk Jar in Hyde Park Plaza.Milkjar3 /

For Yelp, the 2021 food trends will bring bold flavors to your next food craving.

Many people turn to Yelp to find the best restaurants, food choices and shopping. Looking ahead to the 2021 food trends, Yelp predicts that these eight food trends will be part of your food cravings. From traditional choices to some new globally influenced options, you can even get a jump start on some tasty bites.

If anyone had predicted the current climate at the end of 2019, they might need to buy a lottery ticket. No one would have thought that people would have mastered sourdough bread starters and spent an inordinate amount of time in the home kitchen.

Still, the events of 2020 have changed how, what and why people eat. From online ordering to exploring flavor, people have a gained an even bigger appreciation for all types of food. While the classic favorite food will always be a popular choice, the 2021 food trends look to push the envelope a little more.

Here are some 2021 food trends predicted by Yelp.

Hot Honey

While people think of honey as a sweetener, it can be a flavor booster. Consider drizzling some hot honey on pizza, waffles or even fried chicken. Also, it is a great flavor addition to a cocktail. Basically, it can save almost any meal.

Detroit-Style Pizza

While the NY Slice and the Chicago Deep Dish have loyal fans, the Detroit-Style Pizza is gaining popularity. If you haven’t tried this square style pizza, it is time to get a slice.


A Mexican specialty, this spiced stew meat is quite flavorful. From tacos to quesadillas, this food truck favorite is becoming quite popular. It might even come to some larger restaurants next year.

Hard Seltzer

Forget that IPA because hard seltzer is here to stay. What started with a few brands now has a whole aisle filled with options. Since every major brand has a flavor, it will be interesting to see how the hard seltzer scene evolves. Could some savory or herbaceous flavors be next?

Fried Chicken

While grandma’s fried chicken is always tasty, it isn’t the only fried chicken. From Korean twice fried chicken to lighter Japanese fried chicken, that comfort food is the star of the plate. Maybe there will be a new favorite sweet and savory pairing. Fried Chicken and cupcakes anyone?

Japanese sandwiches or “sandos”

Have you heard of a sando? If not, you might have seen a picture on Instagram. These Japanese sandwiches could be the next big thing. It might be time to find one and see why people are obsessed.

Seafood Boils

If you are willing to get your hands dirty, a seafood boil is a delight. From shrimp and crab to crawfish and lobster, it is a feast to eat and eat some more. Make sure that you have a big appetite when ordering this food trend.


For many people, bubble tea is a delight. While it has been around for a while, boba has become a flavor exploration. Instead of just the fruity option, consider brown sugar boba for a sweet treat.

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What do you think will be the biggest 2021 food trends? Have you already fallen in love with these food trends?