Ultimate Holiday Cookie Recipe will be your new cookie obsession

Hershey's Ultimate Holiday Cookie recipe, photo provided by Hershey's
Hershey's Ultimate Holiday Cookie recipe, photo provided by Hershey's /

The new Ultimate Holiday Cookie Recipe will change holiday baking.

As holiday baking takes over home kitchens, the new Ultimate Holiday Cookie Recipe will become the new family favorite recipe. Created by Hershey’s, this new twist on the classic Blossom recipe will have everyone asking for milk and cookies every day. Even Santa will want a few extra on Christmas Eve.

During the holiday baking season, the classic Blossom cookie seems to be on everyone’s cookie plate. That simple cookie recipe with a Hershey’s Kiss in the center is almost like two treats in one. Usually, it is the first cookie eaten from the holiday cookie exchange.

One of the reasons why many people enjoy baking the Blossom recipe is that the cookie dough can be either homemade or store bought. No one has to know that you received a little baking help in the kitchen. Everyone just wants to eat the cookies.

This year, Hershey’s has updated that classic Blossom recipe with the Ultimate Holiday Cookie Recipe. Using the new Sugar Cookie Hershey’s Kisses, the new holiday baking recipe will be a must try for all home bakers.

This year, many people have fallen in love with the new Sugar Cookie Hershey’s Kisses. The sugar cookie flavor with little cookie crunchies folded into the chocolate is scrumptious.

Given the new Hershey’s Kisses popularity, it makes sense that the Blossom recipe would be updated with this new holiday candy. With a nod to the colorful elements in the candy, the Ultimate Holiday Cookie Recipe is a must try.

The Ultimate Holiday Cookie Recipe by Hershey's
The Ultimate Holiday Cookie Recipe featuring Hershey’s Sugar Cookie Kisses, photo provided by Hershey’s /

Here’s how to make the Ultimate Holiday Cookie recipe.

Hershey’s Kisses Holiday Sugar Cookie Blossoms Recipe (yields 36 cookies)


  • 36 Hershey’s Kisses Sugar Cookie Candies
  • Your favorite sugar cookie dough or mix
  • Green and red decorator’s sugar


  • Heat oven to 375° F. Remove wrappers from candies; set aside.
  • Mix cookie dough following package directions for cutout cookies. Divide dough into 36 equal (about 1-1/4 inch) balls; roll in green or red sugar. Place balls about 2 inches apart on ungreased cookie sheets.
  • Bake 8 to 10 minutes or until cookie edges are set. Cool 2 minutes; press candy piece into center of each cookie. Remove cookies from cookie sheet to wire rack. Cool completely.

Thinking about this cookie recipe, it shows that the classic Blossom recipe can be transformed in many ways. With 10 Hershey’s Kisses flavors available during the holidays, simply switching the Kisses flavor changes the cookie. Or, adding flavors to the cookie dough is another option.

For nuts fans, consider folding some chopped almonds, walnuts or peanuts into the dough. A finely chopped walnut with a caramel Hershey’s Kiss would be delicious.

If hot cocoa is your holiday obsession, consider adding a little piece of marshmallow under the Hershey’s Kiss. A chocolate cookie with a piece of marshmallow and the Hot Cocoa Kiss would be delicious.

Basically, the Blossom recipe can be transformed in many ways. Hershey’s has a variety of dessert recipes at HersheyHappiness.com. That holiday cookie plate could be all Blossom cookies and each one could be a new flavor experience.

If you are ready to turn holiday baking into a new holiday flavor present, whip up a batch of the new Ultimate Holiday Cookie recipe. It will bring some extra merry moments to your holiday kitchen.

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What is your favorite holiday recipe? Will you be baking more this holiday season?