Campbell’s wants to save the snow day tradition

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With so many other things changing, Campbell’s saves the snow day tradition.

During the winter, kids long for one thing, the snow day tradition, and Campbell’s wants to keep that tradition going. While this year has been filled with many events being canceled or modified, that day off just brings happiness. Shouldn’t that day of play still be part of the winter tradition?

Unless you live in a Southern state, the wintertime is filled with anticipation for many school aged kids. Weather reports lead to waiting for that text or call. When that notification arrives, the giddiness erupts. Snow day means more play and no school today!

With more kids learning virtually, the possibility of school canceled for snow day decreases. When you are already at home, there is no reason to cancel school. The bad weather doesn’t prevent a kid from rolling out of bed and turning on a computer.

Campbell’s believes that the snow day tradition shouldn’t be brushed aside in this unprecedented year. Isn’t it time to give kids back that day of play and step away from the computer screen? That is why Campbell’s is asking people to pledge to

As said by Linda Lee, Chief Marketing Officer, Meals & Beverages, Campbell Soup Company. “The excitement of waking up to a snow day delights kids and adults alike. These are special days filled with sledding and snowman building, capped off with a warm bowl of chicken noodle soup after playing in the cold. Even in the virtual world we find ourselves in need of a good ‘ol snow day.”

For the first 3,000 people who pledge on, they will receive special Campbell’s Snow Day Activity Kits. The kids include a “snowman making kit featuring a large wooden carrot, coal and oversized buttons, signature red-and-white hat and scarf, goldenrod mittens, limited-edition Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup stackable snowman cans and save the Snow Day window cling.”

Anyone who has grown up with the snow day tradition understands that there is nothing better than a warm cup of soup after playing in the snow all day. Whether it is chicken noodle soup or some tomato soup with a grilled cheese, each warm spoonful just seemed to whisk the chill away.

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the ones that resonate with people. A few moments of play can be a way to bring some happiness to the day. Even if there isn’t a snowflake in the sky in your area, consider just taking some time to get outside and enjoy the surroundings. Sure, a sandman isn’t a snowman, but it can be fun to try to create one.

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What other traditions do you think need to return? Are you ready for a day of play?