Ferrero Rocher brings the golden touch to holiday celebrations

Ferrero Rocher holidays, photo provided by Ferrero Rocher
Ferrero Rocher holidays, photo provided by Ferrero Rocher /

Holiday celebrations have a spark of brilliance with Ferrero Rocher.

For many people, Ferrero Rocher is holiday tradition. While the classic golden wrapped candy fills Christmas stockings and brings smiles as each candy is unwrapped, that chocolate hazelnut candy can be more than just a holiday indulgence. What holiday inspiration is on your table?

During the holiday season, everything has a little extra sparkle. From that holiday table to even the morning beverage, all those little touches add to the merriment.

Ferrero Rocher wants to inspire people to share how they are continuing those holiday traditions and making special memories this year. Isn’t it time to unwrap a little holiday cheer?

Even though many holiday traditions are modified this year, those special holiday moments do not have to be brushed aside. Alessandro Rapali, Senior VP of Ferrero North America, said “In a year when many of our traditions are changing to address the challenges of this particular holiday season, Ferrero Rocher is looking to inspire people with safe, beautiful ways to transform and enhance those experiences to create unique memories and to ensure the magic of the season continues on this year.”

This year, Ferrero Rocher has partnered with several lifestyle experts to share some holiday inspiration. From decorating with the classic gold wrapped candy to gifting ideas, this classic chocolate hazelnut candy deserves a spot on the table.

While the gold wrapped candy makes for a stunning presentation, some people struggle with using all that holiday candy before Valentine’s Day. Although it is always encouraged to unwrap one and enjoy it, some home cooks are looking for other ways to incorporate the candy.

A few easy ideas are to use the Ferrero Rocher in baking. For exampled, chopped pieces on rich brownie or a cake is a simple, yet delicious, idea. Basically, the candy can be used in cookies, cakes and other pastries.

If you are looking to transform a holiday dessert, consider using the Ferrero Rocher in Buche Noel. From some chopped pieces in the cream to using the candy as a decoration, it could become a new holiday tradition in your house.

Also, molten lava cakes often use a truffle in the center to ensure that luscious chocolate center. Consider nestling one of the candies in the center of the lava cake. The hazelnut center adds another layer of texture to dessert.

Since the holidays are often about an extra bite of indulgence, consider using the candy as a topping for some pancakes. Although Nutella is always a great pancake addition, a few extra pieces of candy during the holiday are always a good idea.

Basically, Ferrero Rocher has limitless possibilities this holiday season. From décor on the table to enjoying another sweet treat, it is time to unwrap another golden candy present.

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What is your favorite way to enjoy a Ferrero Rocher?