Holiday wine gifts that will have wine lovers opening another bottle

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These holiday wine gifts will make any wine lover smile.

Looking for some holiday wine gifts that any wine lover will be excited to open? While a great bottle of wine is always appreciated, some wine drinkers appreciate a wine themed gift. With this list of FoodSided’s favorite holiday wine gifts, you might want to buy some for yourself.

Grassl Glass wine glasses

A great wine glass can make a beautiful wine taste even better. These hand-blown crystal glasses allow the aroma of a wine to entice you to savor the next sip.

The Vigneron series features: the Mineralité, the Liberté, the Cru, the 1885 glass, and the Grassl decanter. Each glass is designed with a particular wine. For example, the 1885 glass is intended for Bordeaux and Cabernet.

The Liberté is considered the Universal glass and would make a perfect holiday wine gift. The the Liberté retails for $55 on Amazon.

Coolin Curve

A perfectly chilled bottle of bubbles or rose is always in vogue, but the wine buckets might not always be quite so stylish. The Coolin Curve is the only curved wine/champagne bucket.

This curved shape ensures that the bottle is surrounded by ice, especially the bottom. There is no fighting with ice or struggling to put the bottle in the bucket.

Plus, the Coolin Curve is sweat resistance and lightweight. Priced at $29.99 it is a top holiday wine gift.

Trudeau Digital Wine Thermometer

Trudeau has a variety of wine gifts that any oenophile would appreciate. The Trudeau Digital Wine Thermometer ensures that a wine is at the optimum temperature. As many wine drinkers appreciate, a wine served at the perfect temperature allows the flavor and aroma of the wine to be fully appreciated.

Vinter’s Kitchen Finishing Salts

While this holiday gift idea isn’t necessarily wine, it is something that a wine drinker would appreciate. The Vinter’s Kitchen Finishing Salts are inspired wine. Whether used as a final seasoning as a dish is served or even a touch to a dessert, these salts add that burst of flavor. If finishing salt isn’t for you, Vinter’s Kitchen has a variety of wine inspired food items.

Flask Scarf

Since many people already have the wine purse, the Flask Scarf could make a fun holiday wine gift. Both fashionable and functional, this gift idea could be a fun choice.

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What holiday wine gifts would you recommend?