Tastiest adult hot chocolate ideas for the classic holiday beverage

Tastiest adult hot chocolate ideas for the classic holiday beverage photo by Cristine Struble
Tastiest adult hot chocolate ideas for the classic holiday beverage photo by Cristine Struble /

Give the classic holiday beverage an upgrade with these tasty adult hot chocolate ideas.

On a wintry night, the tastiest adult hot chocolate could be the perfect ending to the day. While the kids might transform the classic holiday beverage with scoops of marshmallows, candy canes and other candies, adults might prefer a little more spirited hot chocolate. What should you pour into the glass?

Many people have a classic adult hot chocolate recipe. While some flavors always work with hot chocolate, it can be time to push the envelope a little. Sure, a traditional Baileys or even a rich Peppermint Schnapps is always a tasty choice, but isn’t it time to try a new flavor combination?

Here are FoodSided’s recommendations for the tastiest adult hot chocolate ideas.

Captain Morgan Gingerbread

While everyone fell in love with the Captain Morgan Spiced Apple earlier this year, the Captain Morgan Gingerbread is the perfect holiday liquor. With gingerbread cookies on the plate, this flavored rum elevates that holiday beverage.

The touch of warm spices in the Captain Morgan Gingerbread cuts through the sweetness of the hot chocolate. Also, consider adding a little nutmeg sprinkle on top of the whipped cream. It rounds out all the spicy notes.

Todd and Douglas Bourbon Cream

Since Todd and Douglas is born from the icy Minnesota winters, the Todd and Douglas Bourbon Cream is a perfect choice for an adult hot chocolate. With hints of vanilla and the richness of the bourbon, it is delicious.

With the Todd and Douglas bourbon having a cream base, make sure that your hot chocolate isn’t too sweet before adding it. A little dark hot chocolate or even a touch of cinnamon could play off the sweetness of the vanilla.


The South African cream liqueur is delicious in an adult hot chocolate. Made with the fruit from the African marula tree, the liqueur has a caramel, fruity taste. Since this African tree is often referred to as the elephant tree, Amarula uses that connection to support African elephant conservation efforts.

By adding Amarula to hot chocolate, it has a little exotic feel. Plus, the slight fruitiness keeps the hot chocolate from being too sweet. It is definitely a must try.

Hilton Head Distillery Bananas Foster Rum

While this idea might not be an obvious choice, the Hilton Head Distillery Bananas Foster Rum is a huge find. From the caramel notes to the subtle banana flavor, it tastes just like the classic dessert.

Although not a traditional choice for a hot chocolate, the caramel notes make this combination work. Also, consider adding a slightly charred marshmallow to complete the holiday beverage.

1800 Añejo

While tequila is always a tasty choice in a Mexican hot chocolate, the 1800 Añejo has a robust flavor that is perfect for a hot chocolate. Aged 14 months in French Oak barrels, the toasted oak is highlighted with butterscotch and a hint of vanilla. With a spicy finish, this adult hot chocolate is a must try.

These adult hot chocolate ideas are just a few ways to update the classic holiday beverage. Bring a little extra merriment to the glass this holiday season. Cheers!

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What is your favorite hot chocolate cocktail?