The holiday advent calendar gets a bubly and SAGE makeover

bubly #DragForAllFlavors holiday Campaign, photo provided by bubly
bubly #DragForAllFlavors holiday Campaign, photo provided by bubly /

It is time to give that holiday advent calendar a makeover thanks to bubly and SAGE.

This holiday season needs a colorful upgrade and bubly and SAGE are making it a memorable one. After a very successful Halloween campaign, they partnered on this makeover of the holiday advent calendar. This larger-than-life holiday celebration will have everyone feeling a bit more festive.

This year the traditional holiday celebrations aren’t the only festivities that have been dimmed by the current crisis. For many entertainers, especially within the LGBTQ+ community, the inability to take the stage or to enjoy a performance has been a struggle. Since that theater offers solace for both performers and audience members, the darken stage represents a longing to return to their happy place.

Matthew Conrado, PepsiCo North Division Brand Marketing, said, “We recognize the unique challenges the pandemic has created for the LGBTQ+ community, especially for nightlife performers and older members of the community.” While the #DragForAllFlavors campaign provides monetary support for various causes, it is more than just a donation.

Conrado said, “bubly remains committed to uplifting and supporting members of the LGBTQ+ community, as we look to bring some sense of normalcy, positivity, and helping people to crack a smile during these difficult times.”

The holiday campaign features a new take on the traditional advent calendar. In a music video for Nikki Era and Mikey Pop’s new track, “I Hope I See You This Christmas,” and directed and shot by Austin Nunes, the performance features several well known drag kinds and queens. While the music video debuts on the bubly YouTube channel on December 18, several of the performers will be sharing behind the scenes footage leading up to the debut.

While many people will watch the music video and enjoy the diversion, it can spark another conversation. Given the current climate, many people are feeling isolated.

A community can be a family that people create. When people gather together, there is an emotional support that offers a sense of nourishment. While screens can keep a sense of connection, many people long for that community safe haven.

Throughout the holiday season, bubly will making special deliveries to SAGE members. Also, the brand is making a $25,000 donation to support SAGE’s programs.

While this holiday season might not look the same, there are many ways to bring a little colorful, holiday cheer to others. From a kind word to wave to even a small care package delivered across the miles, little gestures do make a difference. The world can be a colorful, festive place if everyone is willing to come together.

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How are you making this holiday season a little more bubbly?