Enjoying an authentic Italian feast at home is easier than you think

Enjoying an authentic Italian feast at home photo by Cristine Struble
Enjoying an authentic Italian feast at home photo by Cristine Struble /

With just a push of a button, an authentic Italian feast can be at your door.

From missing your favorite Italian restaurant to dreaming of that trip to Tuscany, that authentic Italian feast doesn’t have to just a food memory. While the gourmet cook might be able to whisk up a chef worthy dish, the casual cook might need a little direction. Luckily, the perfect gourmet Italian food tasting is just a click away.

When thinking about some classic Italian foods, a few particular items come to mind. From a carefully crafted pasta to a well-aged cheese, an authentic Italian feast is often a bountiful table. Course after course offers another flavor to be discovered.

Although there are many ways to curate a tasty Italian meal, iGourmet has several Italian tasting gift sets that are perfectly assembled. From just a taste of Italy to specialty combinations, there is an option for every flavor journey and every budget.

To start exploring Italian food flavors, the Little Bit of Italy gift set is the perfect beginning point. With cheese, prosciutto, pasta, pesto and even cookies, this single gift set covers an entire dinner.

One of the reasons why this Italian food gift set is such a lovely idea is that it shows the nuanced flavors of Italian food. While many people might think of a red sauce and pasta as an Italian meal, it can be so much more than just those two ingredients.

With this Italian food gift set, there is versatility in each box. Whether you enjoy some prosciutto wrapped around a bread stick or even crisp some pieces to add as a topping to the pasta, the combinations add to the flavor exploration. Even just appreciating a slice of Grana Padano versus grating some into a pasta dish shows the richness of one of the greatest Italian cheeses.

For the foodie looking to explore culinary creativity, this Italian food gift set is a wonderful starting point. Learning to have an appreciation for quality ingredients can impact the food on the plate. With flavorful ingredients, simple recipes are instantly elevated. Even the novice cook can create a dish that is bursting with deliciousness.

Still, this Italian food gift box does encourage even the aspiring foodie to step outside her comfort zone. Although the Italian sweet cookies are a lovely way to end the meal, a little piece of the Gorgonzola served with a drizzle of honey can be a perfect ending to an Italian feast.

Whether you are looking to explore Italian flavors or are looking for the perfect foodie gift, iGourmet has a variety of gift sets. With a variety of gift set options, there is one for every budget and occasion.

The home kitchen can be the food passport to an authentic Italian feast. Let iGourmet be your guide and enjoy the flavor exploration.

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What is your favorite Italian meal? Do you try to recreate favorite food travels in your home kitchen?