Why is everyone obsessed over hot chocolate bombs?

Hot Chocolate Bomb, photo Cristine Struble
Hot Chocolate Bomb, photo Cristine Struble /

Forget the whipped cream, hot chocolate bombs are the only holiday beverage trend.

Hot chocolate has become the holiday drinking experience with the obsession over hot chocolate bombs. While a delicious, rich hot chocolate is always a delightful holiday beverage, this new version brings even more flavor and fun. Is the new hot chocolate bombs experience really that much better?

On a chilly, winter day, there is nothing better than a cup of hot chocolate. Still, not all hot chocolates are the same. While some people cannot resist that little packet with marshmallow pieces, others prefer a more decadent beverage.

Over the years, that hot chocolate has seen flavor boosts. While adults might like a little shot in their beverage, other options have broader appeal. From using chocolate truffles in the cup to extra marshmallows, that beverage has become a holiday dessert experience.

This holiday season, hot chocolate bombs have taken everyone’s food feed. It is like a little surprise in a cup. You can’t help but smile with that big reveal.

If you aren’t familiar, the hot chocolate bombs are basically a chocolate shell that is usually filled with marshmallows. When the chocolate bomb is placed into a hot chocolate, it slowly melts to reveal the marshmallows.

While the big reveal is the fun part of this hot chocolate experience, it is the flavor that brings people back for another cup. That chocolate shell adds a richness to the beverage. It is most like drinking liquid candy.

Many places are offering these hot chocolate bombs. Universal Orlando has a delicious version available in its Holiday Tribute Store. The Ganachery at Disney Springs has their version. Costco sold a package. Various other restaurants are offering a version, too.

If you cannot find a version to buy, it is fairly easy to make your own. With a round chocolate mold (or even a silicone ice mold that you use with cocktails), create a thin layer of chocolate. Let the two halves of the mold harden and carefully remove. Fill one half with marshmallows, chocolate shavings, or another sweet surprise. To secure the two halves, use a warm knife to slightly melt the chocolate edge and carefully press together. Let the halves hardened together.

Hot chocolate bomb is the holiday beverage
Hot Chocolate Bomb, photo by Cristine Struble /

Granted, it is easier to buy hot chocolate bombs. Still, making your own could be a fun event with the kids. It is something different than building another gingerbread house.

One important factor to remember is that you need a really hot chocolate. If the beverage isn’t hot enough, the chocolate will not melt. The whole point of this holiday beverage is to have the chocolate bomb melt and reveal the inside.

The flavor experience of the hot chocolate bombs could become your favorite holiday beverage. Then again, next year, someone will come up with another must have holiday beverage. Just like the whipped coffee trend from earlier this year, another food trend is always on the horizon.

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Have you tried the hot chocolate bombs? Do you like them or are they too much work?