Best iconic chocolate candy brands that are always worth the indulgence

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Chocolate is irresistible and these iconic chocolate candy brands never go out of style.

Can you think of some iconic chocolate candy brands? While there are many brands that fill grocery store shelves, a few chocolates are a little more of an indulgence. Sure that plain chocolate bar satisfies, but sometimes you just want a little more.

While the old-time candy store might have been replaced with online ordering, there are a few candies that have long, cherished traditions. From recipes that have been handled down through the generations to talented master chocolatiers, these chocolate brands have spent decades honing the chocolate craft. That attention to detail comes through in every bite.

Here are three iconic chocolate candy brands that deserve another taste.

See’s Candies

The California based See’s Candies has been making its delicious chocolate candies since 1921. While it might not make deliveries on its iconic motorcycle, those classic recipes from Mary See still delight chocolate candy fans today.

Over the years, See’s Candies expanded far beyond California. Now, people across the U.S. can enjoy those hand-dipped Bon Bons or even that Chocolate Walnut Fudge. In addition, it expanded its line from those classic chocolate to lollypops and even truffles.

Given that the brand makes over 26 million pounds of candy a year, the popularity of See’s Candies continues to grow. While Bourdeaux is still the most popular Bon Bon flavor, the seasonal truffles and the See’s Lollypops have a loyal following.

If you haven’t had a bite of See’s Candies in a while, it is time to place an order. While you don’t have to channel your inner I Love Lucy scene, you might want to buy a few extra chocolates to ensure that you have enough.


For years, that Godiva golden box of chocolate instantly brought smiles. The iconic Belgium chocolate brand is built on three concepts, boldness, generosity and a pioneering spirit, just like Lady Godiva herself.

Over the years, Godiva and its chocolate offerings have expanded. From the boutique shops to Godiva Cafes to even larger scale offerings, these chocolates always deliver rich, flavorful treats in every bite.

While Godiva has a long-storied history, it is never afraid to evolve. As seen with its recent new offerings, like the Godiva Mini Bars and Godiva Chocolate Domes, it finds a way to blend food trends with its corporate vision.

Whether you open one of those special golden boxes or unwrap one of those Mini Bars, one bite of that classic Belgium chocolate satisfies every time.

Fannie May Chocolates

For Chicagoans, Fannie May Chocolates is a candy institution. For 100 years, those classic candies were a holiday tradition. While Fannie May has expanded to over 100 candy options, the brand has found a way to balance tradition and innovation.

From the Pixies to the Meltaways, those classic candies have delighted people and are now available beyond those Fannie May stores. It shows how people are drawn to the classic brand.

Recently, Fannie May has revitalized its packaging yet never loses sight of its heritage and commitment to using the best ingredients. More importantly, it has added new candies, like the recent S’mores candy. Finding a way to innovate without losing its tradition is why Fannie May will always be a chocolate lover’s favorite.

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What is your favorite iconic chocolate candy brand? Do you eat chocolate every day?