Must have Hallmark holiday gifts for Hallmark Channel holiday movie night

These Hallmark holiday gifts are perfect for Hallmark Chanel holiday movie night.

If you have a Hallmark Channel holiday movie fan on your gift list, these Hallmark holiday gifts will need to be under the tree. You might even want to gift a few of them for yourself this holiday season.

For many people, Hallmark holiday movie night is like reconnecting with an old friend. From those familiar faces to the happy ending, those few hours watching that holiday version of happily ever is the perfect diversion from the holiday stress.

While the Hallmark holiday movies have become a new holiday tradition, the Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments have been a holiday decoration in many people’s homes. From marking a child’s first holiday to iconic characters, the annual tree trimming has become a walk down memory lane. With some Hallmark Keepsake series going back over 40 years, the Christmas tree becomes a celebration of all those holidays memories.

This year, Hallmark holiday gifts could start a new tradition in many homes. While the classic Hallmark Keepsake ornaments still fill the shelves, the Hallmark holiday movies have inspired some holiday gifts, too.

Here are some of FoodSided’s top choices for Hallmark holiday gifts for Hallmark movie fans.

Must have Hallmark holiday gifts for Hallmark holiday movie night

Hallmark Holiday offerings, photo provided by Hallmark


Merry Like a Hallmark Channel Movie Serving Tray

Since snacks and holiday movies are a must, this serving tray ensures that you never have to leave the couch once you sit down. It is big enough to have several bowls, plates or cups. You can even leave it on the coffee table as holiday décor.

Merry Like Hallmark Channel Stemless Wine Glass

Who doesn’t love a glass of wine while watching a Hallmark holiday movie? This stemless wine glass is sparkly and festive. Even if you don’t drink wine, you could use it for another beverage or even use it for a layered dessert. There is always a reason to buy another wine glass.

Hallmark holiday gifts keepsake ornament

Hallmark Holiday offerings, photo provided by Hallmark


Seasons Treatings Ornament

Since the holiday season is all about enjoying an extra treat or two, this Hallmark Keepsake Ornament celebrates all the holiday treats. If you have a baker (or a faker) on your gift list, this holiday ornament is a must have.

Hallmark Channel Christmas Magic Mug

If hot cocoa is your preferred beverage, this mug is a great choice. Whether you fill it to the brim with marshmallows or prefer whipped cream, it is a must hav.

Dear Santa Hallmark Channel Movies Tea Towel

You don’t have to drink tea to buy this tea towel. Whether you put in on your oven or use while baking cookies, it is another reminder that holiday movies always bring smiles.

Baking Spirits Bright Holiday Ornament

One of the themes in many Hallmark holiday movies is holiday baking. This cute little snowman captures that holiday baking spirit. It might even inspire you to bake your spirit bright this year.

These Hallmark holiday gifts for Hallmark holiday movie fans are just a few of the many options available. Just like the Hallmark Keepsake ornaments, one of these holiday gift ideas could start a new tradition in your family.

What is your favorite Hallmark holiday movie?