Molly Yeh shares why you need to join the Boursin Wow-liday Cookie Challenge

Molly Yeh and Boursin holiday collaboration, Boursin Wow-liday Cookie Challenge , photo provided by Boursin
Molly Yeh and Boursin holiday collaboration, Boursin Wow-liday Cookie Challenge , photo provided by Boursin /

Molly Yeh is ready to transform holiday cookies with the Boursin Wow-liday Cookie Challenge.

For many people, Molly Yeh inspires delicious recipes in their home kitchen. From classic comfort foods to modern takes on favorite recipes, her Food Network show, as well as her website, are filled with scrumptious ideas that any home cook can master. This holiday season, Yeh wants to encourage home cooks to think beyond that traditional sweet holiday cookie and embrace the Boursin Wow-liday Cookie Challenge.

Many people love Boursin. Whether enjoyed simply on a cheese plate or incorporated into a variety of savory recipes, the Gournay cheese seems to be a staple in many people’s refrigerators. While Boursin inspires many chefs’ creative recipes, this holiday season Boursin wants to show that holiday cookies do not have to be just a sweet treat.

As part of the Boursin Wow-liday Cookie Challenge, Yeh judged special savory cookie recipes submitted by three accomplished pastry chefs. Participating in this challenge were chefs Miro Uskokovic (Gramercy Tavern), Paola Velez (Bakers Against Racism co-founder) and Pastry Chef Lena Sareini.

Recently, FoodSided spoke to Molly Yeh about this Boursin Wow-liday Cookie Challenge, her thoughts on Boursin and why savory holiday cookies need to be on the cookie plate this year.

Given that this year many people have embraced baking, Yeh believes that this holiday season is the perfect time to explore some new flavors in those traditional holiday cookies. Since this holiday season looks a little different, she said why shouldn’t that cookie plate look a little different, too.

Yeh appreciates the versatility of the Boursin. Since many people are familiar and love the taste of the Gournay cheese, it lends itself to other uses beyond the cheese plate. Being comfortable with recipe experimentation comes from using familiar flavors.

For Yeh, she said that it is almost impossible to mess up a recipe when using Boursin. Since it incorporates so nicely into cookie dough and cookie filings, it can be an easy swap that everyone can try. Even using a simple sandwich cookie with a savory filling could be a great place to start.

With more people feeling confident in their cooking and baking skills, Yeh believes that home cooks are ready to embrace more creative ideas. Since people already love the Boursin flavor, it is time to see its other applications. As she mentioned, some people might have worn out their favorite recipes and it is time to bring some new life to those old-school favorites.

As people begin to play with the savory cookie idea, Yeh does suggest that people appreciate the recipe tweaking that might need to be done. From balancing salts to textures, the swaps need to be thoughtful but they are not overwhelming.

Still, Yeh encourages everyone to stretch their cookie recipe imagination. While she doesn’t suggest putting rainbow sprinkles on a savory holiday cookie, other options are quite delightful. From fresh herbs to even colorful spices like turmeric, there are many ways to transform holiday cookies in innovative ways.

Also, another interesting idea comes from swapping savory ingredients into a cookie recipe. In some cases, the savory cookie recipes have less sugar and a more flaky dough.

Yeh suggested that a rugelach works well as a savory cookie swap. The flaky dough could swap part of the cream cheese for Boursin. Just make sure to keep the dough super cold to keep ensure that flaky texture is perfect.

With the rugelach, a savory jam would be the perfect pairing. Yeh suggests ideas like jalapeno jam or tomato jam. The idea lends itself to many flavor combinations.

Even if you have never made a savory cookie before, Yeh reminds every home baker experimenting with flavors can be fun. Whether it is transforming a biscotti recipe with different Boursin flavors or changing up that shortbread recipe, the time in the kitchen is meant to be engaging.

If you want to explore some savory cookie recipes, the Boursin Wow-liday Cookie Challenge is waiting for you. Whether you try one of the chefs’ recipes, are inspired by Molly Yeh suggestions or create your own recipe, a savory cookie might be the start of your holiday cookie plate.

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Is your holiday table ready for a little wow holiday flavor? What is your favorite non-traditional holiday recipe?