Carl’s Jr joins the Postmates Better Than Santa experience

Carl's Jr Holiday Deal with Postmates, photo provided by Carl's Jr
Carl's Jr Holiday Deal with Postmates, photo provided by Carl's Jr /

Carl’s Jr is granting a holiday wish with the help from Postmates Better Than Santa.

During the holiday season, there is nothing better than a gift and Carl’s Jr is giving everyone a food gift with their meal. Thanks to the Postmates Better Than Santa experience, there is another reason to Feed Your Happy.

If you were paying attention to the Carl’s Jr Twitter feed, there was a tasty treat waiting to Feed Your Happy. With the code, everyone will get free craveable Crisscut Fries with the purchase of the next delivery meal. If free food doesn’t make you happy, you might be a Grinch this holiday season.

The Carl’s Jr promotion is part of the Postmates Better Than Santa experience. This annual event brings a little extra to people. In a way, it is like spreading holiday cheer for all those to hear.

This year, Postmates has teamed with Lil Nas X to grant holiday wishes. By using the #BetterThanSanta tweet some people might get a wish granted.

While this event in is its fourth year, the hope is to grant as many wishes as possible. Carl’s Jr kicked off their option with free Crisscut Fries. It will be interesting to see who else shares some holiday happiness.

During the holiday season, everyone is looking for those little moments to make the day seem a little brighter. While the wishes being granted is a huge deal, just a kind word, smile or moment of gratitude can be the holiday happiness that someone needs.

Be on the watch for the Better Than Santa elves. They might be ready to add some holiday cheer to your day.

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What makes you happy this holiday season?