Panera, Pepsi and King Bach create a memorable pizza party

Panera and Pepsi pizza party promotion with King Bach, photo provided by Pepsi
Panera and Pepsi pizza party promotion with King Bach, photo provided by Pepsi /

Forget the office party, Panera, Pepsi and King Bach are throwing an epic pizza party.

Doesn’t everyone deserve the best pizza party of the year? Thanks to Panera, Pepsi, and King Bach, the holidays will be more exciting than another Yankee Swap Christmas. Whether you are wearing the best ugly sweater or you don’t want anyone to know that you’re wearing slippers, there is some tasty holiday cheer to be enjoyed.

From now through December 20, everyone is encouraged to share a virtual pizza party selfie (it’s like the new mullet, party on the top, comfortable on the bottom). Panera and Pepsi will be giving away 100 winners a day. Each will receive a $50 Panera e-gift card.

According to Eduardo Luz, Panera Chief Brand & Concept Officer, this promotion is ready ” to deliver some laughter with a fun, virtual celebration in partnership with Pepsi.” Whether you dress up for dress down, The “new Flatbread Pizzas and Pepsi are a classic pairing – and delivery from Panera makes it easy to set a date and virtually gather with friends to celebrate, on us.”

From Friday pizza night to weekend celebrations, that classic combination of pizza and a Pepsi makes people smile. Whether it is a bite of nostalgia or a break from the cooking fatigue, the simple pleasures are making this holiday season a little brighter.

Plus, everyone knows that the traditional holiday party needed a makeover. No one wants to spend another evening trying to make small talk about the overuse of the word “unprecedented” or how to “pivot” again. Sure, we can make a fashion statement with our masks, but don’t you really want to know who made that embarrassing sound on that last zoom call. You know it wasn’t the dog.

As Scott Finlow, PepsiCo Foodservice Chief Marketing Officer said, “We’re thrilled to partner with Panera to celebrate the resilience, creativity and virtual gatherings among extended families and friends. Plus, pizza parties are fun and Panera’s Flatbread Pizza is better with Pepsi.”

Whether you choose a Cheese, Margherita or Chipotle Chicken and Bacon flatbread pizza, all the option pair perfectly with a Pepsi. Personally, the Chipotle Chicken and Bacon flatbread pizza is a must try. While everything is better with bacon, the slight note of spice is irresistible. And, you can always get a side salad for some little extra vegetables.

This holiday season, Pepsi and Panera could send you some extra cheer. And, if you have to attend that holiday party, take a few tips from King Bach. Let someone else be the holiday story told at next year’s party.

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