Shellebrate the holidays with Planters seasonal offerings

Planters holiday offerings, photo provided by Planters
Planters holiday offerings, photo provided by Planters /

Planters seasonal offerings are a tasty way to shellebrate the holidays.

During the holiday season it is time to get cracking and Planters seasonal offerings are reason to shellebrate (or celebrate). From tasty nuts to even holiday gifts, it seems that the holiday season is getting a little nutty. Doesn’t 2020 deserve a tasty send-off?

Maybe the demise of Mr. Peanut during that Big Game commercial could have been a little predicter for the 2020 chaos. Luckily, Baby Nut has grown throughout the year.

Like everything else this year, Mr. Peanut Jr has grown into 21 year old Bartholomew Richard Fitzgerald-Smythe, luckily, he just goes by Bart. While he might not be saying eat my shorts, he is ready to celebrate the holiday season.

Since the holidays are filled with fun, Planters has all types of holiday inspired treats. From holiday sweaters to NUT mobile ornaments, there is plenty of nutty gifts to give and receive.

Of course, the real star of the holiday shellebration is the special holiday flavor offerings. The Planters holiday offerings include Brittle Nut Medley, Winter Spiced Mix and Holiday Nut Crunch. These three holiday offerings feature the best nutty flavors with a little seasonal twist.

For example, the Winter Spiced Mix combines both sweet and spicy flavors into a single mix. With a touch of salt that brings you back for another handful, a bowl can be gone almost as soon as it is served.

Often brittle is a favorite holiday treat, but it can be difficult to make. The Planters Brittle Nut Medley brings that sweet and salty flavor without the difficulty of making it from scratch. In one bite, it is sweet, crunchy, salty and savory. You might want to buy two containers before the holiday season ends.

Lastly, the Holiday Nut Crunch is a seasonal staple. Whether you pour some in a bowl or add some to a holiday cheese board, it is a holiday class.

Any of these Planters seasonal offerings would make a great stocking stuffer or just a small thank you to friends and neighbors. Or, you could just buy a few for yourself to enjoy. Not all holiday treats are cookies.

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What are your favorite holiday treats? Are you snacking more this holiday season?