Planters, how can we live in a world without Mr. Peanut?

Planters Super Bowl commercial, photo provided by Planters
Planters Super Bowl commercial, photo provided by Planters /

In Planters recently released Super Bowl LIV commercial, the iconic Mr. Peanut seems to bid a farewell to snack time. But, is snack time really saying RIP Mr. Peanut?

Snack time has always been better thanks to Mr. Peanut. The iconic Planters spokes-nut has kept people, including A-Rod, from snacking disappointing. In the recently released Super Bowl LIV commercial, the infamous nut makes the ultimate snacking sacrifice. Can we live in a world without him?

After making his triumphant return to Super Bowl commercials, it appears that Mr. Peanut’s moment of glory is short-lived. In a spot set to air during the third quarter of Super Bowl LIV, everyone will get a moment to say goodbye to this heroic nut.

Leading up to that SBLIV commercial memorial, Planters has released this spot that shows Mr. Peanut’s ultimate snacking sacrifice.

Like many epic road trips, the unexpected can cause ultimate tragedy. In this case, that darn armadillo created this tragic event. At least it wasn’t a Nutcracker causing the beloved spokes-nut his demise.

Still, the classic legume not only saved his friends from snacking disasters, he is saving them from ultimate peril. Do you think that another snacking legend would offer to let go of the branch?

Granted, Mr. Peanut has lived a long, fulfilled life. At 104 years old, he has seen many snack fads come and go. Maybe all the emphasis on saving people from kale chips made him ok seek refuge in the giant snack factory in the sky.

While this spot is just the pre-game ad, fans should expect a fond farewell for the beloved legume. According to Samantha Hess, Planters Brand Manager at Kraft Heinz. “He will be remembered as the legume who always brought people together for nutty adventures and a good time. We encourage fans to tune in to Mr. Peanut’s funeral during the third quarter of the Super Bowl to celebrate his life.”

With that idea in mind, Planters is encouraging everyone to share their favorite Mr. Peanut and Planters memory. By using the #RIPeanut on social media, everyone can share a tribute to the snack legend. While he might not have died in your arms, his snacking contribution will live on in our snack cravings.

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Do you have a favorite Mr. Peanut snacking thought to share? Or, did Planters take it too far by allowing the iconic legume to sacrifice himself for Wesley Snipes and Matt Walsh?