Kel Mitchell shares the secret sauce to MTV’s Deliciousness

Kel Mitchell joins the panel on MTV's Deliciousness, photo provided by MTV
Kel Mitchell joins the panel on MTV's Deliciousness, photo provided by MTV /

On the new MTV show Deliciousness, Kel Mitchell adds some spice to the mix.

Kel Mitchell has done it all over his entertainment career. From Nickelodeon’s All That to even quick stepping his way to second place on Dancing with the Stars, Mitchell understands that everyone needs some lighthearted fun from time to time. As he joins the new MTV show Deliciousness, Mitchell is ready to laugh along with that food fiasco which you just have to see to believe.

Ahead of the Deliciousness premiere, Kel Mitchell spoke to FoodSided about what drew him to the show, a few food mishaps of his own and some holiday food traditions in his family. While he didn’t share the Good Burger secret sauce, his recipe for a night of laughs with the family is a great one.

According to Mitchell, he was drawn to Deliciousness because the food television show is a great time to sit and laugh with family. Mitchell commented that the show is relatable because the video clips are real things that happen in many people’s homes. Everyone wants to make that recipe or dish better, but sometimes things just go wrong. These viral food videos just happen to catch those moments for everyone to see.

Mitchell understands that people might not want to admit that food fail, but it definitely happens. He even admitted to texting and cooking. Unfortunately, that situation led to a burnt grilled chicken. It isn’t that everyone is pointing the finger, but everyone can find the humor in that food fail.

That collective appreciation for the funny is why the panel works so well on Deliciousness. While Angela Kinsey, Tim Chantarangsu and host Tiffani Thiessen all come from different perspectives, they found a rapport that works.

Mitchell mentioned that the group seemed to be like a family sitting around on couch watching a show together. The ebb and the flow of the back and forth just works well.

With the first set of episodes focusing on holiday celebrations, Mitchell believes that everyone has had that holiday dinner that did not quite go as planned. Although not everyone has had to graciously leave a plate of poorly prepared food behind, those bad food stories are real.

As a dad, Mitchell knows that kids can be a little more blunt with their food critiques. Although a kid can just spit out food that she doesn’t like, adults need to be a little more subtle. For Mitchell, when his kids do a little dance shimmy, he knows that his grilled chicken earned their seal of approval. Still, at some dinners. it can be a good idea to have an extra napkin ready.

For Mitchell, one holiday food tradition that he loves is sweet potato pie. He shared stories about his great aunt and the family pie competitions that would happen at the holidays. Now, those sweet potato flavors influence a variety of recipes. Including a savory sweet potato mac and cheese that his wife makes. That recipe sounds like one everyone should try at least once.

Even though this holiday season will have a little different feel, Mitchell stays connected with his family via Zoom. From family talent shows to enjoying a meal together, the virtual connection helps to keep the family togetherness this holiday season. Mitchell commented he might even give phone stands as holiday gifts. It can help with those camera angles.

With more and more people looking for connections, Mitchell and I were able to discuss some favorite Chicago foods. Since we both have a Chicago connection, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to ask about his favorite Chicago pizza. While Mitchell prefers Gino’s East to my love of Pequods, that conversation is one of the reasons why Deliciousness will resonate with so many people.

Although people may have never met, everyone can talk about food, what they like and maybe what they have in common. As many chefs say, food is the universal language. In the case of Deliciousness, there is a lot of laughter sprinkled into the mix, but everyone has a similar understanding.

As Mitchell said, “food brings everyone together.” It doesn’t matter the walk of life or background; food is the common factor. More importantly, people feel the love in the food that is made on the table.

While there is plenty of love in the food videos on Deliciousness, there is even more hilarity on the plate. Luckily, Kel Mitchell is ready to dish out a big heaping serving of food fun and everyone will be hungry for some more.

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Deliciousness airs on MTV start on December 14 at 7 p.m. New shows air all week long.

What is your worst food fail? Has anyone caught it on camera?