Jack in the Box Cluck Sandwich is the ultimate flavor experience

Jack's Cluck Sandwich, photo provided by Jack in the Box
Jack's Cluck Sandwich, photo provided by Jack in the Box /

It’s no mystery, the Jack in the Box Cluck Sandwich is a must try.

The chicken sandwich has another makeover, and the Jack in the Box Cluck Sandwich might be the tasty way to end 2020. Since Jack in the Box always makes a statement with its new menu items, this new chicken sandwich offering is making a big splash. There might be a little taste intrigue under the bun to entice you to take another bite.

What makes a great chicken sandwich? Although many people have strong opinions, one item is always key, flavor. If a chicken sandwich doesn’t deliver with bold flavor, it might as well be a plain chicken nugget.

The Jack in the Box Cluck Sandwich balances a crispy, thick chicken breast with a craveable mystery sauce. As people seek to unravel that flavor mystery, they will go back for bite after bite. Sometimes that unique taste is just what people need.

Although there will be much talk about that sauce, the key component to making the perfect bite is the brioche bun. Since the chicken is crispy and the sauce is tangy, the richness of the bun is the perfect counter point. Sometimes, simplicity makes for tasty satisfaction.

Given that Jack in the Box has such a diverse menu, it is interesting that it decided to add this chicken sandwich at the end of the year. But, the brand has found a way to make the launch even more exciting.

In collaboration with Becky G, she has created a new chicken dance. Check out the video.

While this dance is far from that old school wedding dance that grandma loves or the dance break at a Milwaukee Brewers game, it is a fun way to build your appetite for that a chicken sandwich. Just be careful not to pull a hammy.

And, for everyone who dances and shares on socials, using #JacksNewChickenDance, now through February 14, 2021, Jack in the Box will donate $1 up to $100,000 to charity.

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Will the new Jack in the Box Cluck Sandwich have you jumping up to dance? That flavor combination could give you a whole new groove.

What is your favorite chicken sandwich?