Burger King announces the most convenient way to place a mobile order

Burger King mobile order via Google photo provided by Burger King
Burger King mobile order via Google photo provided by Burger King /

A new Burger King  mobile order make that Whopper craving even easier.

That Burger King mobile order has a new option. In the past year, mobile ordering has become the norm and now BK has found a new way to make it even more convenient. Google, find me a Whopper.

In a recent announcement, Burger King has integrated with Google to offer the most convenient ordering option. Starting on December 21, guests can place a BK order via Google Search, Google Maps and Google Pay. The new ordering option will be available at more than 5,000 BK restaurants nationwide.

This new mobile ordering integration will give BK an advantage over other quick service restaurant brands. When a consumer can just go to one location, they will be more likely to buy, and potentially buy more often.

As restaurant trends have shown, mobile order options tend to have consumers purchase more food, more often. Whether it is blind purchasing or convenience, there is more tendency to not only place an order but to add those fries, drink or even dessert.

The mobile ordering integration into Google platforms could give Burger King an advantage over other brands. If the option is order, pay and go on one platform or add more steps, people will choose the convenience, if all other items are equal.

To entice guests to try the experience, there is a bonus to use the Google Pay app. Starting this week, there is a special offer. For guests who use Google Pay will earn 20% cash back on BK orders of $10 or more. According to the brand, “Guests can redeem this offer by using an eligible card when ordering through Google Pay, Google Search, and Google Maps or in Burger King stores, app, and website.”

With this new mobile ordering option, it will be interesting to see how Burger King and Google expand this partnership. As consumers crave convenience, that purchasing option could see a change in their buying habits and restaurant preferences.

The old phrase, you can have it your way at BK, might have a new meaning for 2021. Could convenience be the trend for the future?

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What do you think of the new Burger King mobile order option? Could this concept make a difference in your purchases?