Is Santa skipping cookies for pancakes this holiday season?

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Could the new holiday tradition be Santa skipping cookies for pancakes?

Santa skipping cookies? While holiday traditions have taken a new look this year, Santa’s preferred Christmas Eve treat can look different this year, too. Santa has spoken and Denny’s is ready to give Santa free buttermilk pancakes this year.

At a recent press conference at the North Pole, Santa said that it is time for new traditions. Now, fluffy golden brown buttermilk pancakes will be Santa’s treat for Christmas Eve. And, they could be your treat too.

In a recent statement, Santa said, “there are only so many cookies one man can eat in a night. It’s time for a change.” Given Santa being willing to travel across the globe on Christmas Eve, doesn’t he deserve what he wants to eat. If he’s craving pancakes, let’s keep him jolly and give him pancakes. No one wants to be on the naughty list.

Plus, Santa pulled some strings and found an easy way to ensure that he gets what he wants. At Denny’s, the restaurant will be offering some free pancakes.

Simply order anything from on Christmas Eve and a free two-stack of buttermilk pancakes will be included. To get the free pancake order, just enter Santa at checkout.

Now, if you are going to leave Santa pancakes on Christmas Eve, why not give him some topping options. Instead of a traditional maple syrup, why not leave him some hot honey. Or, maybe leave some extra bananas on a plate with the pancakes (reindeer like bananas).

Basically, give the jolly man a little extra. He got you free pancakes from Denny’s, doesn’t he deserve a little more. You want to stay on that nice list, right?

And, if you want to create that breakfast board with those free pancakes, Santa might like that idea, too. Sometimes the little extra effort does pay off.

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