Sofia Vergara shares why Walmart Cookshop is perfect for any home cook

Sofia Vergara for Walmart, photo provided by Walmart
Sofia Vergara for Walmart, photo provided by Walmart /

With Walmart Cookshop, Sofia Vergara shows how video food demos are interactive.

While many people watch Sofia Vergara on screen, Walmart Cookshop offers a new way to welcome talented celebrities into their homes. With this new Walmart video cooking experience, home cooks have an interactive, customizable recipe waiting for them to master.

As more people crave the ability to cook a great recipe at home, brands, like Walmart, are finding ways to make the process easier. Previously, Tastemade’s Struggle Meals worked with Walmart to create shoppable recipes through its video platform. By simplifying shopping lists with an easy-to-follow cooking demo, the home cook felt more control in the kitchen.

With Walmart Cookshop, Walmart has created a type of choose your own cooking experience. In addition to Sofia Vergara, chefs, like Jamie Oliver, Patti LaBelle and Ree Drummond (The Pioneer Woman), lead cooking videos, the home cook can customize the video. By picking particular ingredients along the way, the home cook ensures that each recipe highlights her flavor preferences.

Introducing the Walmart Cookshop series is Sofia Vergara. Recently. Vergara graciously answered some questions about her participation with the Walmart program, her advice for home cooks and a few favorite recipes.

As many chefs have said, food can be considered the universal language that connects people. For Vergara, she said that “Food is a way to bring people together. There’s something about cooking a delicious meal and enjoying it with the people you love. Eating together is a time of laughter and reflection and most importantly love.”

For Vergara, the Walmart Cookshop is an opportunity to cook with her son Manolo. Just like many families, cooking with loved ones is time well spent in the kitchen.

As Vergara said, “Food has always been at the center of our family and holiday traditions. My son, Manolo, is a great cook. I love to eat anything he makes!”

Vergara said, “It is such a blessing to be able to work with family. Manolo and I share the same love for food so this was perfect for us. I wanted to create a video for Walmart Cookshop to introduce this special program to a new audience and to help others find and create personalized recipes from some of the best chefs.”

While Vergara might have her son in the kitchen to help create delicious recipes, some home cooks need some additional confidence. The simplicity and customization from the Walmart Cookshop are key to helping them master many cooking skills.

For Vergara, she thinks that the Walmart program can help with cooking confidence. Referring to the Walmart Cookshop, Vergara said, “It has definitely made me more excited to confident to try new recipes in the kitchen. There are so many delicious and healthy recipes that you can make your own. I hope this inspires others to get creative in the kitchen!”

Still, not everything always goes perfectly while cooking. Vergara believes that “Walmart Cookshop is the best solution if a dish doesn’t go as planned. It really is so easy to follow along and customize recipes. If I can do it so can you!”

When people try the Walmart Cookshop, they are introduced to Vergara and presented with an option of two cakes. Guests must choose either Dulce de Leche or Mexican Hot Chocolate. Of course, I had to ask which cake is Vergara’s preferred cake.

Vergara said, “They are both so delicious it’s hard to just choose one! But, I love that the Mexican Hot Chocolate Cake is not too sweet and has a little kick of warming spice from the cinnamon. It’s such a perfect combination, so I’d have to say that’s my favorite!”

With the holiday season here, Vergara has some holiday food traditions in her family. Those dishes reflect her Colombia heritage.

Vergara mentioned that her family loves “to make traditional Colombia desserts like buñuelos, dulce de leche or torta negra. I look forward to them every year!”

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Whether you have a favorite recipe or are looking to improve your cooking skills, Walmart Cookshop offers an easy guide to building cooking confidence. From the interactive recipes to the customization, the home cook will be able to experience the joy of cooking.

When given the right map, cooking can be a tasty adventure. Isn’t it time that you went on a food discovery?