Some popular stores stay open for Christmas Day 2020 last minute purchases

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On Christmas Day 2020, some popular stores are open for last minute purchases.

From missing ingredients to extra milk, some popular stores are open on Christmas Day 2020. While a few major companies, like Walmart, are closed for the holiday. Other companies will have their doors open to welcome shoppers.

Sometimes those last minute purchases are just unavoidable. While Santa hopefully brought some gifts that brought smiles on Christmas morning, there can be a few other items that are needed for the holiday. From the forgotten batteries to needing orange juice for that extra mimosa, sometimes people just need to make a purchase.

Here are some popular stores that will be open for Christmas Day 2020.


Whether you order via the 7NOW app or run to a store, America’s convenience store will be open on Christmas Day. With the shelves stocked with all types of options, it can be the ultimate lifesaver on Christmas Day 2020. And, if Santa forgot a present or two, 7-Eleven might have a few things on the shelf that can bring a smile or two.


For years, Walgreens has stayed open on Christmas Day and it will be open again this year. In many cases, Walgreens has a wide variety of necessities. From that extra bottle of Advil because kids’ toys are just too loud to even that drain cleaner because someone had a little mistake in the bathroom, Walgreens can be that one stop shop.

Cumberland Farms

While the trip to Grandma’s house might have been postponed this year, Cumberland Farms is bringing a little treat to all the people out and about on Christmas Day. Who wants a free beverage?

On Christmas Day 2020, December 25, local Cumberland Farms will offer a free coffee. The offer is available from 8:00 a.m. till 11:59 p.m. The free coffee is any size. Choose from Farmhouse Blend, Bold coffee, cappuccino (also, tea and hot chocolate are part of the offer.

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In addition to these stores, other convenience stores like Wawa, Speedway and Circle K are open on Christmas Day 2020. It is best to check with each location for specific operating hours.

Merry Christmas and happy shopping to all!