Namiah Phillips honed her baking skills on Kids Baking Championship

Namiah's Hero Shot, as seen on Kids Baking Championship,.Season 9. Photo provided by Food Network
Namiah's Hero Shot, as seen on Kids Baking Championship,.Season 9. Photo provided by Food Network /

For Namiah Phillips, Kids Baking Championship was an opportunity to be creative.

As a new season of Kids Baking Championship begins, Namiah Phillips is ready to put her baking skills to the test. While this Food Network baking show was a new experience, Namiah was ready for the challenge.

For Food Network fans, Kids Baking Championship inspires many people to get into the kitchen and bake. Watching these young bakers tackle some impressive dessert recipes proves that baking can be mastered at any age. Although some young bakers might be a little more fearless in the kitchen, many of those young bakers can offer some tasty tips and tricks.

Recently, FoodSided spoke to Namiah Philips about her Kids Baking Championship experience, her favorite recipes and which chef inspires her.

Like many young bakers, Namiah mentioned that she spends a lot of time in the kitchen with her family. Although her first recipes that she learned were “collard greens with (her) grandma,” she mentioned that “the first recipe I remember learning on my own and related more to baking was a crepe cake.”

Namiah discovered her love of cooking like many home cooks, via food television. “I watched a lot of videos and documentaries on Netflix and Youtube. One day I saw this video on Tasty’s YouTube channel doing sweets instead of savory. So, I watched it and got inspired to make a crepe cake for my little Kingston’s Birthday. I started off with cooking, but now I have spent most of my time mastering my baking skills and trying out things that inspire me.”

While Namiah started with that crepe cake, she has expanded to other dessert recipes as well. Namiah said, “My favorite thing to make for others is French desserts or pastries. I try to make new things and work with different techniques. If I had to choose something quickly, it would probably be cookies because they are easy to make but also delicious.”

Although cookies might be easy to make, baking does require some precision. For some home bakers, those baking skills help outside of the kitchen, too.

For Namiah, she said, “Staying focused in the kitchen can be challenging for someone who has 2 brothers and a dad who likes to pick and eat things off the “samples,” but I just get in my own zone and if I have to I just say the kitchen is closed. Baking doesn’t really help with other interests, but it does help with bettering my math skills.”

As she continues to work on her baking skills, sometimes other chefs help to inspire her. While she might not have a favorite chef, she does like to learn from many chefs.

Namiah said, “My mom and I would watch Food Network and let the shows play through. It has always been comforting and something that makes me feel good. We’d watch all the main shows like Bobby Flay shows, Barefoot Contessa, and the Pioneer Woman. I do love to watch Yolanda Gamp and How to Cake It! If I could spend any time in the kitchen with someone, it would be her! She really inspires me and has the best techniques. I admire the art, precise lines and creativity.”

While Food Network fans will watch the new Kids Baking Championship with rapt attention, Namiah learned a lot from her time on the show. For her, “the best lesson I learned was to take your time and to have patience with yourself and baking. I also learned to take advice from others and run with it to make yourself better.”

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To watch Namiah Phillips on Kids Baking Championship Season 9, tune into the Food Network Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.