Never eat these foods on the New Year or suffer bad luck

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As New Year approaches, keep these bad luck foods off the plate or suffer the potential fate.

Want the New Year to be a positive one? These back luck foods need to be banished for the day. Even if a few of the foods seem like a tasty treat, holiday indulgence or your favorite food, it is best to find an alternative food option for January 1. Why tempt fate with bad luck for another year?

Although some people do not believe in superstitions, a bad year can make anyone long for happier times. If creating a menu that avoids bad luck foods can help keep the bad vibes away, why wouldn’t any foodie be smart in the kitchen. Sometimes it is best not to tempt fate.

Here are some bad luck foods that should be avoided on the New year.


Although lobster is considered a delicacy for some, it should be avoided on the New Year. A lobster swims backwards which is thought to have people looking back to the past year. Given some years, no one wants to look back.

Also, crabs should not be eaten since they move sideways. Whether backwards, sideways or standing still, it is best to avoid any of these animals on the New Year.


Even if you love chicken wings while watch a game, it is best to avoid this bad luck food on January 1. Some people that chicken wings cause good luck to fly away.

Also, some people think that chicken should be avoided because chickens scratch the ground for their food. If you don’t want to scrape for money, avoid chicken on the New Year.

Stop the clean plate club

While mom might have said to clean your plate, it is best to leave a little food on the plate. The idea is that the year will be a plentiful one. Even if it is a bite or two, it is best to err on the side of caution and not clean your plate on January 1.

Skip the catfish

Even if you love catfish, bottom feeding fish should be avoided on the New Year. Some people believe that eating this type of fish will lead to struggle all year long. If you love fish, find a non-bottom feeder to enjoy on January 1.

Eggs and white food

While these bad luck foods are debatable, some people think that breaking an egg on the New Year can have unlucky consequences. Some Chinese proverbs said that white foods symbolize death. Although it is unclear if you eat a pre-made egg sandwich, if that counts too.

Avoiding white food might be a good way to start some new healthy eating habits. It could be the start to a New Year’s resolution.

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What do you think of avoiding bad luck foods on the New Year? Is it real or just a myth?