Isn’t it time to ring in the New Year with Jell-O?

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Say hello to the New Year with Jell-O and maybe a few laughs.

2021 has room for Jell-O, but not just that jiggly, iconic dessert. It is time to bring some creativity to that classic Jell-O mold. How would you recreate that infamous Jim Halpert prank from The Office?

As the new year starts, The Office is coming to Peacock. To mark the occasion, Peacock is asking fans what would they encase in gelatin as they say goodbye to the year that wasn’t.

If you need some “molding” inspiration, check out the original Jell-O prank from The Office.

While Jim took Dwight’s stapler, there are many things from the past year that we would like to see go away. The list would probably require many, many molds.

Truthfully, those lounge pants might need a really big mold, it could be time to step away from the elastic waist band for the new year. Maybe the gelatin dessert could be the alternative to all that baking from the past year.

It could be time to put that sourdough starter away. Even if you outgrew that gluten intolerance, taking a break from bread and baking isn’t a bad thing. Everyone could use a few more fruits and vegetables in their diet.

While The Office prank is pretty funny, it does bring up an interesting, yet sometimes disturbing topic, what are the worst Jell-O dishes. Sure, everyone has been to that family dinner where someone brings a gelatin dessert with fruit suspended inside. Although you never want to look at it (let alone taste it) you cannot help but be entranced by it.

There are some pretty bad gelatin recipes out there. Even Julia Child had an whole series on the Aspic. No one ever really wants to eat Ham in Aspic, even on a dare. Hopefully, this recipe is a food trend that will never return.

Still, gelatin is important in many recipes. It helps to set many desserts. Anyone who watches a baking show on Food Network has seen it used well (and not so well sometimes).

In the end, the Jell-O mold idea inspired by The Office is meant to send 2020 off with a little humor. While this story doesn’t have a punny ending, some others probably have something witty to say on social media. Be sure to search @PeacockTV for some people’s inspired creations.

And, don’t forget to watch The Office streaming on Peacock.