Lolo Jones fuels her athletic performance with this key ingredient

Lolo Jones Interview, photo provided by Pedialyte Sport
Lolo Jones Interview, photo provided by Pedialyte Sport /

From the track to the bobsled run, Lolo Jones knows this key ingredient is essential.

While Lolo Jones has had many ups and down throughout her career, one element has helped to fuel her athletic performance. Beyond the workouts, the time in the weight room and competitions, she understands that one element is essential. For Jones, good hydration is key to her athletic performance.

Recently, Jones partnered with Pedialyte Sport. While Pedialyte Sport is a newer product for the Abbot brand, Jones was quite familiar with Pedialyte and its benefits for athletes. During a recent conversation, Jones mentioned that her coached would have her drink Pedialyte during training and competitions.

Jones mentioned that athletes have long appreciated the benefits of drinking Pedialyte. For athletes, “It was the sports drink without being a sports drink.” While it might be a secret to the weekend warrior or the armchair athlete, the hydration that the beverage offers helps to fuel any and every performance.

Although professional athletes train much harder than the normal person, the same principles of proper hydration apply. Jones said, that doing any competition dehydrated will not achieve the results that an athlete wants. For her, proper hydration is key to ensuring that her performance will be on the right track after all the hard work and preparation.

The Pedialyte Sport is formulated for the athlete in mind. With less sugar than other sports drinks, it fits into many people’s training programs. With another option on the shelf, any athlete can open a bottle, see and taste the difference.

For Jones, she recalled times in college where the proper hydration habit started. Her college coach would encourage her to drink Pedialyte as soon as she got off the plane, ahead of her competition. While everyone is different, Jones said she feels that her “muscles fire better” when hydrated. In her opinion, it is a “quick and easy” way to start off on a strong path.

Since Jones wants to focus on the competition, she knows that she can trust the scientists behind Pedialyte to ensure that it is the best beverage to help with her hydration. Similar to how parents turn to Pedialyte for their children when they are sick, the Pedialyte Sport is an extension of the brand that they trust.

Given her long career, Jones appreciates that there have been ups and downs. Even if she has missed a workout or taken a break from the weights, her commitment to hydration never wavered. Without the right fuel, her body would not respond in the way that she wanted.

While she has a routine to her training, one aspect has been her motivation. For Jones, she said “failures have been her big motivation” in her life. From not making a team to disappointing results, she “finds a way to get stronger, better and come back both physically and mentally.”

Jones said she “enjoys the challenge of getting better” and “learning from her mistakes.” For her, it is about focusing on “fixing weakness” and keeping a “positive outlook.”

In a world where comparisons seem to be the focus, Jones encourages athletes to look within themselves. While there will always be the competition aspect to any sport, she hopes that athletes of all ages and levels will look within themselves as a measurement of success.

Although Lolo Jones has had both highs and lows in her career, she looks back fondly on moments where her success came after a failure. For example, she recalled when she snagged the last spot for the London Olympic Games was an important moment for her. After coming back from a major surgery, she found a way to overcome and succeed. While some people said that she wouldn’t make the team, she found a way to achieve.

That type of mental fortitude continues to drive Jones. As a member of the US Bobsled team, she is still competing, looking for new goals and encouraging others to strive for their best. While most people can only dream of competing on the Olympic stage, Jones mentioned that everyone can take one big step to fueling their best performance. It starts with hydration.

Each person chooses to pick up that glass and drink. Why not make a wise beverage choice that fuels all that hard work?

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Lolo Jones is a spokesperson for Pedialyte Sport. Pedialyte Sport is sold at various retailers.

How important is hydration to your performance? What steps are you taking to improve your hydration?