Now everyone can enjoy the new KFC Chicken Sandwich

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The Colonel is making 2021 tastier with the new KFC Chicken Sandwich.

If you need a reason to go to KFC, the new KFC Chicken Sandwich is that menu item. After a widely popular test run in Orlando, Florida, the Colonel’s version of its chicken sandwich will be available at all its locations by the end of February.

While everyone knows and loves the classic 11 herbs and spices, will people skip that bucket for a sandwich. It isn’t just one thing; it really is the complete bite.

Andrea Zahumensky, chief marketing officer, KFC U.S. said, “We tested the new KFC Chicken Sandwich in Orlando last spring, and we nearly doubled our sales expectations, so we knew that we had a winner. Many customers hadn’t considered KFC as a part of the chicken sandwich conversation, but anyone who tastes this sandwich will know, without a doubt, that we’re playing to win.”

Looking at the sandwich, there are a couple of items that truly stand out. First, the all white meat is double breaded. That idea ensures that the chicken is not only extra crispy but also keeps the chicken moist. That crunch satisfies from the first bite till the last.

Also, the pickles are a smart choice. A thicker pickle makes the briny flavor cut through the richness of the sandwich. Instead of searching for pickle flavor, it is right in the mix.

The Colonel’s spicy sauce is a necessary component. While it brings flavor, the spicy sauce isn’t overpowering. Just like everything else in this sandwich, it adds flavor balance.

Lastly, KFC opted for a brioche bun. While there is much discussion about a chicken sandwich with a potato bun, the brioche bun is richer. Given all the other components, it makes sense.

The new KFC Chicken sandwich will be rolling out to all 4,000 KFC locations. To stay updated on availability, please visit on By the end of February, all locations should have the sandwich. Sold on its own, the price is $3.99 and a combo meal is $6.99.

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What do you think of the new KFC Chicken Sandwich? Will you be searching to get a taste? KFC