General Mills Big G cereal celebrates its got milk mustache

General Mills Cereal gets a milk moustache, photo provided by General Mills
General Mills Cereal gets a milk moustache, photo provided by General Mills /

In a new campaign, General Mills Big G cereal and got milk are a classic pairing.

Celebrating a classic food pairing, General Mills Big G Cereal and got milk have become partners. Many people have happily poured milk into that cereal bowl and left the table with that iconic milk mustache. Now, many iconic cereal characters are showing off their own milk mustaches.

For many people, the day starts with cereal. While some General Mills Big G cereals might be for a special occasion and other cereals are an everyday enjoyment, that bowl of cereal is always a constant. From school mornings to work days, cereal is part of the cultural collective.

The same can be said for the got milk campaign. Over the years, celebrities, athletes and other well-known figures have proudly showcased their milk mustache.

By bringing together the two icons, the partnership stands as a reminder that cereal and milk are always a great combination. From breakfast to dinner to even an anytime snack, it is a food pairing that is always in fashion.

Amy Cohn, Senior Nutrition Manager at General Mills, said, “We believe in the power of cereal and milk to be an easy, affordable and delicious way to deliver the nutrients people need with the taste they love. And for kids who eat cereal, 53 percent of their daily milk consumption comes from pouring cereal and milk together. So, while General Mills cereal and milk have been a perfect pairing for a long time, we’re thrilled to officially come together to share this important message through our iconic characters.”

In the past year, many families have turned to cereal and milk as an easy, nutritious option. With breakfast becoming the new family meal, it is more than just a quick bite before heading out the door. That affordable, easy meal offers nutrition that both kids and adults appreciate.

Yin Woon Rani, CEO MilkPEP said, “Our goal with this campaign is to provide inspiration and tools that are accessible to all parents to help make breakfast fun and nutritious. We think breakfast is the perfect time to make sure families Got Milk? in the year ahead and beyond.”

For many kids, cereal was the first “dish” that they were able to serve themselves. Many people remember mom leaving out that individual box of cereal and container of milk for Saturday morning. It was the moment that you felt like a big kid.

Now that spoonful of cereal brings back that taste for nostalgia. From enjoying a bowl of cereal for dinner or starting the day with those Honey Nut Cheerios, cereal is and always will have a spot on the pantry shelf.

Grab a bowl, a box of cereal and a container of milk and brings back some happy memories.

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