Hidden Valley Plant Powered Ranch satisfies all ranch cravings

New Hidden Valley Ranch is dairy free, photo provided by Hidden Valley Ranch
New Hidden Valley Ranch is dairy free, photo provided by Hidden Valley Ranch /

The new Hidden Valley Plant Powered Ranch brings ranch to every table.

Everyone should be able to enjoy ranch and the new Hidden Valley Plant Powered Ranch makes that happen. The new dairy free ranch option brings more variety to the condiment aisle. Without compromising on that iconic Hidden Valley taste, this new ranch option will make many people quite happy.

Food trends have shown that many people are embracing dairy free and plant-based food options. Whether chosen for dietary reasons or personal preferences, consumers want options.

At the same time, consumers want their favorite brands and classic flavors to adapt to these changes. Given that they trust a certain brand, they want the flavors that they crave. Switching to an unknown entity is not their preference. They want that classic ranch taste that goes with almost anything.


The Hidden Valley Plant Powered Ranch is made with “dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan ingredients.” Basically, this new Hidden Valley product checks all the boxes.

As more and more consumers have eliminated certain foods from their eating habits, brands need to offer these types of options. The brands that do not embrace the food trend will be left sitting on the shelf.

While people want brands to embrace alternative ingredients, the product still needs to live up to that classic, iconic flavor. In this case, the creamy ranch texture needs to deliver. It is one of the aspects to the classic ranch that everyone loves.

Additionally, that one and only Hidden Valley Ranch flavor cannot be changed. While the elimination of dairy, as well as other ingredients, shouldn’t impact the flavor essence of HVR, people will know. Whether it is a bite of nostalgia or just a favorite condiment, the classic flavor cannot be altered.

Knowing the HVR brand, this plant-based ranch will be just as tasty as the original. But, it will be interesting to do a side by side taste test and see if people can determine which one is which.

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The Hidden Valley Plant Powered Ranch is available now. It will be available on e-commerce later this year.

What do you think of the Hidden Valley Plant Powered Ranch? Do you want to try it?