Hidden Valley Ranch offers the ultimate holiday gift, ranch for life

Hidden Valley Ranch Holiday offering, photo provided Hidden Valley Ranch
Hidden Valley Ranch Holiday offering, photo provided Hidden Valley Ranch /

Hidden Valley Ranch solves holiday gift giving with ranch for life.

If you have a ranch lover on your holiday gift list, Hidden Valley Ranch is offering a long list of gift giving options. From ranch for life to limited-edition holiday items, this gift giving season will be more flavorful with a side of HVR gifts.

During the holiday season last year, Hidden Valley Ranch impressed many people with its holiday gift ideas. From the stocking filled with ranch to other ranch inspired merchandise, the ranch lovers were filled with joy.

This year’s HVR holiday gift ideas take a little different approach. Knowing that people need a way to feel more connected while apart, the holiday gift options add a touch of personal flare.

For example, the Hidden Valley Ranch-O-Gram is a personalized ranch bottle. Just because you can’t have cousin Eddie at the holiday celebration, doesn’t mean that he can’t make an impression. This special bottle could be the talk of the table.

More importantly, the customized ranch bottle benefits Feeding America. Each bottle purchase will provide 15 meals to families in need.

The most talked about item of the holiday gift offerings will be Ranch For Life. For people who put ranch on everything, this lifetime supply of ranch, served in a limited edition, exclusive Hidden Valley Ranch refrigerator, will make some people jump for joy.

Hidden Valley Ranch holiday gifts
Hidden Valley Ranch Holiday offering, photo provided Hidden Valley Ranch /

From classic ranch to Secret Sauces to even dips, this special refrigerator is stocked with all the ranch goodness. While this gift is ranch for life, it will be interesting to see how quickly some ranch fans need to restock the shelves.

While many people cannot live without ranch in their lives, people’s family pets have become even more important this year. Even though the dogs might not be eating ranch, they can showcase the love of ranch.

The new Hidden Valley Ranch Pet Collection has everything to deck the dogs in ranch-themed goodies. From accessories to even a HVR dog toy, the love of ranch can take over the house.

And, if you don’t have a dog, you can buy that HVR dog toy for yourself. Consider putting it on your desk and use it as a little stress relief. It could be a fun conversation starter on that next Zoom meeting.

The Hidden Valley Ranch holiday collection is available online at the HVR website. But, it is best to buy quickly. Like all holiday shopping this year, it be better to buy early.

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