Hidden Valley Ranch Cheese Dip will have you skipping queso

Hidden Valley Ranch Cheese & Ranch Dips, photo provided by Hidden Valley Ranch
Hidden Valley Ranch Cheese & Ranch Dips, photo provided by Hidden Valley Ranch /

Need a new chip and dip combo? The Hidden Valley Ranch Cheese Dip is must try.

While ranch lovers always have Hidden Valley Ranch in the house, the Hidden Valley Ranch Cheese Dip will change how you enjoy that classic ranch flavor. These Hidden Valley Ranch dips bring big, creamy cheesy flavor to table. Are you ready to take a dip?

Thinking about chips and dips, there are a few classic combinations. Chips and salsa, chips and guacamole or even potato chips and onion dip. Everyone has their favorite flavor combination.

While plenty of people put ranch on a variety of foods, it isn’t necessarily a snacking dip. Chicken wings and ranch are a classic. Sure, you can use it to smother those vegetables on the crudite plate, but it is more of condiment or flavor boosting scenario.

With the new Hidden Valley Ranch Cheese Dip, that classic ranch flavor is ready for dipping. The rich, creamy dip is perfect with chips, vegetables or almost anything that you can dip. If you are ready to upgrade your dipping game, these ranch innovations are definitely a must try.

The cheese dips are available in two flavors, an aged cheddar variety and a garlic parmesan. Both dips are best enjoyed when they are served cold. It is better to let them cool in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. The cooler temperature helps to ensure that the dip is thick and creamy.

If you have ever wanted to amp up the flavor in a queso without revving up the spice levels, the Aged Cheddar is a must try. The added ranch flavor boosts the cheddar with a subtle flavor but it makes you want to go back bite after bite. The dip pairs well with tortilla chips, crackers or that celery that no one really wants to eat.

The garlic parmesan is quite tasty with a vegetable pairing. Just like a little parmesan flavoring on vegetables, that flavor works with carrots, broccoli or snap peas. The versatility is great.


Also, while this Hidden Valley Ranch is meant as a dip, the garlic parmesan flavor would work as a topping for a baked potato. Sometimes finding additional uses for pantry staples is always a good choice.

The Hidden Valley Ranch Cheese Dip is available at various retailers. Price may vary.

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Are you excited to try the Hidden Valley Ranch Cheese Dip? What is your favorite way to enjoy ranch?